90 Day Fiance Recap Finale Part 1: Second Thoughts

    90 day fiance second thoughts recap david annie

    Part one of the finale of 90 Day Fiance and the 90 days are just about up….what’re the odds that more than half of these couples are breaking up??

    David & Annie:

    After the news Annie received from David’s daughter Ashley, Annie walked out on David and fled to Chris and Nikki, who happened to be in Kentucky for the wedding-to-be. OF COURSE she ran to them. Even Annie knows that Chris has unlimited cash flow and can hook her up. Smart girl. Despite her anger, Annie agrees to meet up with David at the park to discuss what to do next. David shows up in a snazzy suit and asks Annie, “Where do we go from here?” Annie explains her shock and yells that David never told her about his past. David states that he absolutely did because he told Annie “my last relationship wasn’t perfect.” Every person knows that CLEARLY translates to, “I cheated on my wife with prostitutes.” Annie, you have SO much to learn. In the end, David does not seem to be fighting for this relationship very hard. It’s as if he has a prostitute meeting him in ten on the other side of the park. Too soon? Annie tells David “this is not what I want” and David gives her an ultimatum.

    David can’t stay away from Annie for long and asks to meet her at a restaurant, still in his snazzy suit. He ugly cries to Annie about how hard it has been for him to “face his demons from his past.” Annie says that Chris and Nikki are her “best friends” here and David seems appalled that he is not her BFF. David makes one more attempt to woo his love back and after hemming and hawing for a good 12 seconds, Annie decides that yes, she will still marry this dreamboat. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. Now that they have reconciled, Annie asks that David meet with Chris to be sure that everything is sorted out. Cash-Money-Chris tries to explain to David that HE would have to take care of Annie should the relationship go south since he is Annie’s sponsor. Chris tells David that he cannot simply quit on Annie the next time they get into a fight. David shares that he will be better and do better and that is exactly why he wanted to get married in Kentucky- to prove to his kids he IS different and better than before. There’s a good idea- invite your KIDS to the wedding, David. They tried to sabotage the whole relationship, but hey, the more the merrier! Read more

    TLC Network Addresses 90 Day Fiance Molly’s Secret Marriage to Luis!

    90 Day Fiance Luis molly secret marriage tlc

    Tonight marked a number of firsts for TLC’s 90 Day Fiance as it brought us the first cancelled wedding in the history of the show plus the revelation that a couple had secretly gotten married!

    Viewers of the hit series saw Luis Mendez, 26, walk out on his “fiance” Molly Hopkins following multiple blowout fights about her kids, his lack of maturity, and of course let’s not forget ReligionGate.

    All of this drama led to the couple’s decision to cancel their wedding with Luis’s brothers (they live in New Jersey) coming to pick him up. Following Luis’s departure, Molly, 42, was forced to admit to the show’s producers that Luis could legally stay in the country because the two had secretly gotten married! Molly’s confession matches our earlier report that they got married on July 20 after we uncovered their marriage certificate.

    Well the TLC network is now responding to the shocking revelation and shedding more light on the issue. Read more

    90 Day Fiance Season 5 Cast Instagram Pages Revealed!

    90 Day Fiance Season 5 Cast Instagram Pages

    First we brought you the 90 Day Fiance cast salaries, and now we can reveal to you the Instagram pages of the TLC reality stars!

    We have many fans of the show asking us about the individual social media pages of the cast members so we decided to compile a list to make it easier for you to connect with them.

    With that said, below are the Instagram pages of the 90 Day Fiance season 5 cast members plus links to the latest spoilers and updates on the couples. Read more

    90 Day Fiance SPOILER! Are Josh and Aika Married? Find Out Now

    90 Day Fiance Season 5 Josh and Aika

    We brought you previous spoilers on 90 Day Fiance season 5 couples Nicole and Azan, Luis and Molly, David and Annie, Evelyn and David, Elizabeth and Adrei, and now we can finally reveal to you the marital status of Josh and Aika!

    Josh Batterson and Aika have been quite controversial on the show and off the show as well! The couple has been shown fighting over the issue of having kids as Aika, 36, wants to have them right away and feels Josh, 43, is dragging his feet when it comes to reversing his vasectomy. Off the show, there has been some negative revelations about Josh including an accusation of domestic violence by one of his ex-wives, which he has denied.

    So the big question today is did this couple make it down the aisle? Well we have that answer for you below! Read more

    90 Day Fiancé Recap: Breaking Point

    90 Day Fiance recap breaking point annie david

    Maybe THIS episode of 90 Day Fiancé will be the episode where everyone finally realizes what a bad idea it is to force-marry in 90 days….but something tells me it’s not.

    David & Annie:

    Just when I thought these two couldn’t get any more awkward and painful to watch, alas, it gets worse. As David waddles around the riverfront down in Kentucky, he does his best to alleviate any trepidation Annie may have about meeting his children for the first time. Ya know, the children he left for 18 months. Yea, those ones. I’m pretty surprised he even remembers their names! David tells Annie that sure, his kids may be angry about his extended absence, but “that’s the initial shock” and after that, it will be fine. Sooo, what you’re saying is that your kids are going to be A OK with you bringing back a 24 year old fiancé who you need to marry within 90 days? Surprise!

    As expected, the meeting with Annie, David, and his two kids, Ashley and Jacob is an absolute train wreck because anything involving David is an absolute train wreck. Ashley, David’s daughter, looks JUST like him, but with black extensions, which I find absolutely terrifying. She is clearly the family “hard ass” and tells it how it is, #nofilter. Jacob, David’s red-headed son, is clearly only there cuz of the camera- hello TV time! Neither one of them are really that concerned with Annie. Instead, Ashley is dead set on ripping David a new one and embarrassing him even more than I thought was possible. She claims he “b-bopped around China,” (I am unclear what this is, but it sounds super fun) left the family for two years, and warns Annie that if she wants children and a family with David, she ain’t looking at the right man to do so with. Ouch. The meeting escalates quickly when David yells that Ashley is “asking stuff that’s not really her f**ckin business,” and Ashley, in a fit of rage, throws a full glass of water on David, calls him a “b*tch,” and storms out. The good news is, I think Ashley likes Annie. The bad news is, David is gonna need a bigger towel. In the words of Jacob, “that was interesting.” Read more

    90 Day Fiance David’s Daughter Ashley Toborowsky Slams Him! Explains Why She Was “Disrespectful’

    90 Day Fiance David's Daughter Ashley Toborowsky

    Arguably the best part of 90 Day Fiance this season are the supporting characters! And the best supporting characters oddly enough are those associated with David Toborowsky and his fiance Annie Suwan.

    First they brought us Chris and Nikki, who recently responded to the whole Massage-gate drama, then Antonio who exposed both David and Annie, and on the latest episode of the show, viewers got to meet David’s daughter Ashley Toborowsky! Move over Snooki!

    Ashley was upfront and straight forward when it came to her feelings about her dad as she essentially accused him of being a deadbeat, and later told Annie he cheated on her mother with multiple women…including prostitutes. Yes, she went there. Read more