90 Day Fiance Recap: Welcome to Real Life

    elizabeth andrei 90 day fiance recap

    Just when you thought 90 Day Fiance couldn’t get any more cringe-worthy, the gang has once again outdone themselves in this week’s episode…

    Elizabeth & Andrei:

    In Tampa, Elizabeth is so excited to begin her jail time, I mean life, with Andrei (you better be rolling that R heavily). As long as Elizabeth doesn’t mind 24/7 lockdown, I see no real issues with this relationship blossoming. At the airport, Elizabeth seemed to have forgotten her “Welcome to America” sign. Not even a balloon. The guy came from MOLDOVA- this is NOT the type of welcome reception I am sure he’s expecting… Once every single person exits the plane and what seems like 4 hours later, Andrei strolls right on into Elizabeth’s open arms. I would say that he looks disappointed in the lack of welcome signage, but I think that’s just his face. Andrei states that he plans to just “go with the flow” upon his arrival to the U S of A, yet criticizes Elizabeth’s driving because she is a woman, not because she seems to be turning those corners pretty sharply in the parking garage. Elizabeth confesses to the camera that she is “dreading” him meeting her father and brother, but that doesn’t stop her from bringing her Moldovian hunk back to their (empty) apartment. All I have to say is, move over Chip and Joanna. Make room for these two- the new home decorating duo!! And don’t worry- Elizabeth’s dad bought them a bed frame for their housewarming gift. The guy doesn’t even like Andrei, but he’s making sure they are nice and cozy in the same bed. Go figure. Read more

    90 Day Fiance Recap: Crossing the Line – Yackity Yack and Don’t Talk Back

    david and annie 90 day fiance recap

    Bringing you the latest recap of 90 Day Fiance Season 5, episode 18 titled ‘Crossing the Line.’ Let’s get right into it!

    David & Annie:

    Thailand – currently the land of the money borrowing and kangaroo dancing when it comes to David and his fiancé, Annie. David sets up a video chat with his daughter, Ashley, who has ZERO clue that her father is engaged and bringing Annie back to America. We already feel bad for David, but my heart broke a little more when his daughter refers to Annie as “Phantom Annie.” Basically, she just told her dad he’s dating George Glass. David tries to clear this mystery up and allows Annie to video chat with his “outspoken” daughter who immediately bonds with Annie. “Can you do nails?” –asks Ashley to Annie. First, creepy friend Chris asks Annie about massages, now David’s daughter asks about nails?! Poor Annie.

    For one of their last nights in Thailand, Annie and David decide to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party…cuz THAT’S a good idea. Cue the kangaroo dancing David. Annie seems to be having a great time, but then the wheels fall off when she realizes just how drunk David is. The two begin an argument around “yacking.” Annie doesn’t want David to “yack” her. David claims he is “not yacking” her. Back and forth we go with this yacking, until Annie has had enough. She confides in a best friend that she is not sure how this relationship can continue and if they were in America, she would be “screwed.” Creepy friend Chris tries to step in, but this doesn’t look like something that money can fix, so put those baht away, bro. David’s gonna have to romance Annie back into loving him all by himself. Read more

    90 Day Fiance Cast Salaries Revealed! Find Out How Much They Get Paid

    90 Day Fiance Salary

    90 Day Fiance is quickly becoming a widely popular show as it now averages over 1.5 million viewers per episode in ratings. That is quite impressive for a reality show.

    Which brings us to the all important question — how much does the 90 Day Fiance cast make per season? Well we were able to find the answer to that question below! Read more

    90 Day Fiance’s Chris and Nikki Respond to Backlash from “Thai Massage” Request to Annie

    90 day fiance chris and nikki respond

    The latest episode of 90 Day Fiance aired last night and all fans of the show can talk about are Chris Thieneman and his wife Nikki Cooper!

    The reason? Well David Toborowsky revealed that he and his fiance Annie Suwan would be living with Chris and Nikki upon their arrival back to the US, due to his brokeness financial struggles. During a lunch with all parties, Chris asked Annie if she would be willing to help around the house with things like cooking as she wouldn’t be able to work during her 90 days here. Annie seemed happy to volunteer her cooking services. Things however took a turn for the creepy when Chris asked his best friend’s fiance if she would also be willing to give him “Thai massages” while he lounges pool side. Yep. He went there.

    Nikki looked on in horror but didn’t kick him under the table smack him upside the head utter one word. And neither did David which has fans wondering what the heck is going on here?

    Well Chris and Nikki are now responding to the backlash today and they have quite a decent explanation for what we all saw last night.  Read more