90 Day Fiance’s Luis Bashes TLC Network! Threatens To Sue Them For Ruining His Life

90 Day Fiance Luis Mendez Threatens to Sue TLC Network

You can always count on some drama when it comes to the 90 Day Fiance cast and today Luis Mendez is at the center of it!

Moments ago, Luis, who revealed earlier this month that his estranged wife Molly Hopkins was planning to divorce him, went on an epic rant against the TLC network. In his post, he accuses the network of ruining his life, says they never paid him for doing the show and the biggest shocker of all is his revelation that he is planning to sue them. Good luck with that one buddy! Read more

90 Day Fiance Season 1 Russ and Paola Update! Are They Still Together?

Bringing you another update on one of the 90 Day Fiance season 1 couples!

We are covering Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield (Pao) today and bringing you an update on what they are up to plus answering the big question of whether or not they are still together!

But first a little background on them as the couple met in Colombia while Russ was on a work assignment. Not long after, Pao was able to relocate to Oklahoma where Russ worked as a field engineer. Prior to moving to the US, Pao was a fashion designer in her country.  Read more

90 Day Fiance Season 1 Update: Alan And Kirlyam – Where Are They Now?

90 day fiance season 1 Alan and Kirlyam update

90 Day Fiancé is undeniably one of my favorite shows even though I was late to the party. And with the high ratings, it’s probably yours too!  So we are bringing you an update on your favorite couples. Let’s start with Kirlyam and Alan Cox from season one. Read more

90 Day Fiance UPDATE – Are David and Annie Still Together Today? Find Out Now!

90 day fiance annie and david update

We have brought you updates on the 90 Day Fiance season 5 couples and today we bring you the latest update with David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan aka Annie Toborowsky!

TLC viewers saw 48-year-old David and 24-yr-old Annie get married on the season finale of the show, and on the reunion tell-all, they appeared to still be going strong despite a $10,000 offer from David’s friend Chris Thienemen for Annie to return to Thailand. An offer she refused by the way.

In addition to the drama on the show, which included a showdown with David’s daughter Ashley Toborowsky who blasted her dad for being a cheater and sleeping with prostitutes, there has been more drama playing out off the show! First Ashley recently did an interview during which she called David a deadbeat dad and an alcoholic. Additionally,  Antonio Ticer, brother of Nikki Cooper (Chris’s wife) who went on a rant some weeks ago during which he slammed Annie and David! You can read more about this below.

So with all of this ongoing drama, the big question is are Annie and David still together today following the reunion tell-all? Well we have that answer for you below!  Read more

90 Day Fiance UPDATE – Are Molly and Luis Still Together Today? Find Out Now!

90 Day Fiance Molly and Luis Latest Update Spoilers

Bringing you an update today on arguably one of the most controversial couples of 90 Day Fiance season 5 – Molly Hopkins and Luis Emmanuel Mendez.

This latest update comes after viewers saw Luis walk out on Molly during the season finale only to return for the reunion tell-all seemingly giving her a bit of the cold shoulder. Molly admitted to producers of the show that she and Luis had secretly gotten married without telling anyone. This is true as we uncovered the couple’s marriage certificate which reveals they tied the knot back in July.

So the big question is are Molly and Luis still together today following the reunion tell-all? Are they still married? You can find out those answers below! Read more

90 Day Fiance Reunion Recap: Season 5 Couples Tell All

Reunion time! I can hardly wait to see how far these 90 Day Fiance season 5 couples have come since the filming!

Everyone awkwardly meets each other for the first time as they enter the set….every one minus Luis and Azan, that is. (No surprise there!) Shaun Robinson introduces the gang and takes a poll on who is surprised Luis and Molly did not make it. Andrrrei, the softie, claims that he was not surprised the couple didn’t make it. Andrei thought Luis looked “like a punk” and that he did not deserve Molly. Whatta guy. Read more