90 Day Fiance Recap: Wake Up Call

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HOW did it take these people THIS long to realize what their lives would be like on 90 Day Fiance?! Unbelievable….

David & Annie:

Oh boy…these two. After last week’s explosive episode where David was tanked and spitting out lewd, not funny jokes, Annie, David, Chris, and Nikki decide to meet for lunch to discuss the events at a TAVERN. Like, come on guys. At least TRY to make it a little easier for David, who has promised sobriety to Annie until the wedding date. With one sober day down, Annie seems pleased with David’s progress and David is as proud as punch to explain the new ultimatum to Chris and Nikki. As the crew, and David’s large gold necklace, settles in, I have one thing on my mind- who is paying for this lunch?!

Annie begins to explain “the dream day” (in Chris’s words) she had with David yesterday and discusses the sex shop they just happened to pop into. David adamantly denies that he may have a drinking problem, yet still has a frat guy mentality and only drinks to “get drunk.” Nikki calls BS and states that “actions speak louder than words.” David looks legit scared when Nikki basically says if David has more incidents like the one he had with her brother Antonio, he will be out the street. But not Annie. Annie can stay, cuz, she’s cool.
Speaking of cool, can we discuss Annie’s black leather ensemble for her girls night out with Nikki? So hip. Nikki explains that tonight her and Annie are going to get dinner, get drinks, and go dancing. Looks like Annie didn’t take the same no booze vow she made David take… Long story short, Nikki finds out that her and Chris are legally responsible for Annie for 10 years. Chris left that bit of information out when he explained how Annie needed to be co-sponsored by him. Nikki looks more shocked than she did when her brother almost beat up David and I feel bad for her since her husband is essentially David’s ATM. Read more

EXCLUSIVE: 90 Day Fiance Josh’s Ex-Wife Talks Domestic Violence Incident, Plus Warning to Aika

90 Day Fiance josh batterson ex wife arrest domestic violence

Weeks after it was reported that 90 Day Fiance star Josh was once arrested for domestic violence after allegedly punching a woman in the face, the woman involved in that incident is now speaking out.

According to the police report, Josh was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct on March 14, 2010. Cops had to knock down the door to get to Josh after he allegedly punched a 28-year-old woman in the face and “pushed her down a small embankment outside their apartment building.” Cops could hear the woman screaming for help inside the home while Josh refused to let them in. The case was ultimately dropped after the woman refused to cooperate.

That woman is Josh’s ex-wife Mel who gives her side of the story in our exclusive interview. Mel opens up about the details of what happened during that night, reveals if there were other instances of violence with Josh, plus shares her advice for Josh’s fiance Aika. Read more

90 Day Fiance Recap: Out of Nowhere

Nothing surprises us any more with this 90 Day Fiance crew. Even more drama this episode–let’s get right into it.

David & Annie:

Over at BBQ night in LA, David and Annie are prepping for a fun time- but, it doesn’t take long for David to get sorority girl wasted. Heavy pour! The gang is all there – creepy friend Chris, his wife, Nikki, and Nikki’s brother Antonio, who very clearly needs his own television show. David makes some slurry speech about how thankful he is for his friend Chris since he opened “his heart, his home” and his wallet*. (*He didn’t really say that part, but we were all thinking it). As the night progresses, I realize that David and Annie really have no intention of leaving Creepy Chris’s house. Did you all get a load of that yard?!

While the crew hangs late-night by the jacuzzi, we get to watch as David’s wheels fall off. Annie becomes more and more uncomfortable as David says more and more uncomfortable things to everyone, up to and including “white people jokes” and others solid comebacks like “your tacos are burning.” David’s drunk, dopey grin ain’t cutting it for Antonio, so he decides to step in Dr. Drew style and really get to the heart of the problem: Annie doesn’t like it when David drinks…so why does he continue to drink? When Nikki, Annie, and Antonio realize there is clearly no getting through to this guy, they head inside, only to be followed in by David. David says a snide remark about Antonio just wanting to f***Chris, and Antonio goes off. Antonio is getting held back by his sister (um, not for nothing Antonio, but you can’t be yelling that you would f*** someone up if your SISTER is holding you back…). Creepy friend Chris takes far too long to swoop in and drag the “ninja turtle penguin batman a** b*tch” (Antonio’s words) outside. Long story short, Annie is upset, but still believes that David can stop drinking.


David is having remorse about last night’s debacle and claims that Antonio was the one being disrespectful. Shall we go to the video tape, Dave?! He tries to smooth things over with Annie, who is super angry and rightly so. David claims that he will show Annie he can be a better man, but the thought of laying off the vodka causes him to go silent. David eventually agrees to Annie’s ultimatum about no drinking until the wedding, but I’m not buying it. The duo set out in Hollywood, doing touristy things and the fight from last night is a thing of the past. David and Annie wander into an adult novelty store because that’s what you do in Hollywood, right?! David, the romantic, rounds out the evening with a stroll on the beach with Annie. I am looking forward to what happens when they return back to Chris and Nikki’s house… Read more

90 Day Fiance’s Antonio Slams Annie and David! Calls Annie a ‘Fake User’ and Accuses Her of Stealing & Cheating On David

90 day fiance antonio ticer and nikki annie

It seems this season’s 90 Day Fiance’s supporting characters might actually be the real stars of the show!

Weeks following the controversial Massage-Gate drama involving Chris Thieneman and Nikki Cooper, Nikki’s brother Antonio Ticer was arguably the highlight of the show last night.

The reason? Antonio got into a huge blowout fight with David Toborowsky over his drunken behavior in front of fiance Annie Suwan. At first Antonio appeared to be trying to speak up for Annie but things took a turn for the ugly when David made an inappropriate joke about Antonio claiming he wanted to hook up with Chris… who would happen to be his brother-in-law!

Antonio did NOT appreciate that joke and let David have it. Unfortunately for David, Antonio is still fuming from the scenes he said were filmed in October, and is spilling all kinds of tea about David and Annie on Facebook. For some strange reason, Antonio appears to be more upset with Annie and is letting her have it. Below are Antonio’s Facebook posts. Read more

90 Day Fiance Recap: Welcome to Real Life

elizabeth andrei 90 day fiance recap

Just when you thought 90 Day Fiance couldn’t get any more cringe-worthy, the gang has once again outdone themselves in this week’s episode…

Elizabeth & Andrei:

In Tampa, Elizabeth is so excited to begin her jail time, I mean life, with Andrei (you better be rolling that R heavily). As long as Elizabeth doesn’t mind 24/7 lockdown, I see no real issues with this relationship blossoming. At the airport, Elizabeth seemed to have forgotten her “Welcome to America” sign. Not even a balloon. The guy came from MOLDOVA- this is NOT the type of welcome reception I am sure he’s expecting… Once every single person exits the plane and what seems like 4 hours later, Andrei strolls right on into Elizabeth’s open arms. I would say that he looks disappointed in the lack of welcome signage, but I think that’s just his face. Andrei states that he plans to just “go with the flow” upon his arrival to the U S of A, yet criticizes Elizabeth’s driving because she is a woman, not because she seems to be turning those corners pretty sharply in the parking garage. Elizabeth confesses to the camera that she is “dreading” him meeting her father and brother, but that doesn’t stop her from bringing her Moldovian hunk back to their (empty) apartment. All I have to say is, move over Chip and Joanna. Make room for these two- the new home decorating duo!! And don’t worry- Elizabeth’s dad bought them a bed frame for their housewarming gift. The guy doesn’t even like Andrei, but he’s making sure they are nice and cozy in the same bed. Go figure. Read more