90 Day Fiance UPDATE – Are David and Annie Still Together Today? Find Out Now!

90 day fiance annie and david update

We have brought you updates on the 90 Day Fiance season 5 couples and today we bring you the latest update with David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan aka Annie Toborowsky!

TLC viewers saw 48-year-old David and 24-yr-old Annie get married on the season finale of the show, and on the reunion tell-all, they appeared to still be going strong despite a $10,000 offer from David’s friend Chris Thienemen for Annie to return to Thailand. An offer she refused by the way.

In addition to the drama on the show, which included a showdown with David’s daughter Ashley Toborowsky who blasted her dad for being a cheater and sleeping with prostitutes, there has been more drama playing out off the show! First Ashley recently did an interview during which she called David a deadbeat dad and an alcoholic. Additionally,  Antonio Ticer, brother of Nikki Cooper (Chris’s wife) who went on a rant some weeks ago during which he slammed Annie and David! You can read more about this below.

So with all of this ongoing drama, the big question is are Annie and David still together today following the reunion tell-all? Well we have that answer for you below!  Read more

90 Day Fiance UPDATE – Are Molly and Luis Still Together Today? Find Out Now!

90 Day Fiance Molly and Luis Latest Update Spoilers

Bringing you an update today on arguably one of the most controversial couples of 90 Day Fiance season 5 – Molly Hopkins and Luis Emmanuel Mendez.

This latest update comes after viewers saw Luis walk out on Molly during the season finale only to return for the reunion tell-all seemingly giving her a bit of the cold shoulder. Molly admitted to producers of the show that she and Luis had secretly gotten married without telling anyone. This is true as we uncovered the couple’s marriage certificate which reveals they tied the knot back in July.

So the big question is are Molly and Luis still together today following the reunion tell-all? Are they still married? You can find out those answers below! Read more

90 Day Fiance Reunion Recap: Season 5 Couples Tell All

Reunion time! I can hardly wait to see how far these 90 Day Fiance season 5 couples have come since the filming!

Everyone awkwardly meets each other for the first time as they enter the set….every one minus Luis and Azan, that is. (No surprise there!) Shaun Robinson introduces the gang and takes a poll on who is surprised Luis and Molly did not make it. Andrrrei, the softie, claims that he was not surprised the couple didn’t make it. Andrei thought Luis looked “like a punk” and that he did not deserve Molly. Whatta guy. Read more

90 Day Fiance Recap Finale Part 2: I Now Pronounce You

The first part of the season finale of 90 Day Fiance left some unanswered questions, while part two gave us answers but still left some couples unsure of their future…

David & Annie:

90 day fiance recap finale annie and david wedding

Hooray! David’s daughter Ashley is back on the show! Can’t believe David actually invited her out for dinner. Hope he brought his poncho based on Ashley’s drink throwing history. Ashley won’t let it go- she thinks this relationship is a “joke.” David adamantly explains that it is not a “competition of love” and Ashley corrects him by saying his priorities are all out of whack. Despite all of the trouble she has caused, David invites her to the wedding which just so happens to be on ASHLEY’S BIRTHDAY. Woah. Salt in the wound much? Out of 365 days, ya hadda pick the girl’s birthday? Come on, David. You haven’t celebrated her birthday for four years and now that you’re back, you plan the big wedding on Ashley’s day. Ouch.

I know. I can’t believe these two are actually going through with this wedding either. The couple is nervous, but it’s not wedding day nerves. It’s more “Ashley” nerves. Annie warns the camera that Ashley better not “talk anything bad” on her wedding day. And a beautiful wedding day it is….courtesy of fairy godfather Chris. Chris and David prep for the ceremony by doing a few shots—uh….what happened to sobriety, David?! David is clearly feeling the 99 Bananas he was throwing back with Chris cuz he gives Ash a quick ring right in the church lobby to wish her a happy birthday and to extend the invite one last time. It doesn’t look likely she is coming, David. She might be, ya know, celebrating her birthday? Read more

90 Day Fiance UPDATE – Are Nicole and Azan Still Together Today? Find Out Now!

90 Day Fiance Nicole Nafziger Azan Update Spoiler

Bringing you an update on Nicole and Azan today following the very dramatic 90 Day Fiance season 5 finale and tell-all reunion!

Fans of the show saw Azan Tefou not only absent in person but also refusing to answer fiance Nicole Nafziger’s phone calls and texts, which meant he wasn’t able to Skype in during the show as previously planned.

Nicole, 23, even tried calling Azan, 24, from an unknown number but he still refused to pick up! Yikes. It was revealed that Nicole hadn’t been able to reach Azan for three days leading up to the reunion.

So the big question is are Nicole and Azan still together today? Will he be coming to the US soon? Did he get approved for a visa during his interview? We have all those answers for you below! Read more

90 Day Fiance Recap Finale Part 1: Second Thoughts

90 day fiance second thoughts recap david annie

Part one of the finale of 90 Day Fiance and the 90 days are just about up….what’re the odds that more than half of these couples are breaking up??

David & Annie:

After the news Annie received from David’s daughter Ashley, Annie walked out on David and fled to Chris and Nikki, who happened to be in Kentucky for the wedding-to-be. OF COURSE she ran to them. Even Annie knows that Chris has unlimited cash flow and can hook her up. Smart girl. Despite her anger, Annie agrees to meet up with David at the park to discuss what to do next. David shows up in a snazzy suit and asks Annie, “Where do we go from here?” Annie explains her shock and yells that David never told her about his past. David states that he absolutely did because he told Annie “my last relationship wasn’t perfect.” Every person knows that CLEARLY translates to, “I cheated on my wife with prostitutes.” Annie, you have SO much to learn. In the end, David does not seem to be fighting for this relationship very hard. It’s as if he has a prostitute meeting him in ten on the other side of the park. Too soon? Annie tells David “this is not what I want” and David gives her an ultimatum.

David can’t stay away from Annie for long and asks to meet her at a restaurant, still in his snazzy suit. He ugly cries to Annie about how hard it has been for him to “face his demons from his past.” Annie says that Chris and Nikki are her “best friends” here and David seems appalled that he is not her BFF. David makes one more attempt to woo his love back and after hemming and hawing for a good 12 seconds, Annie decides that yes, she will still marry this dreamboat. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. Now that they have reconciled, Annie asks that David meet with Chris to be sure that everything is sorted out. Cash-Money-Chris tries to explain to David that HE would have to take care of Annie should the relationship go south since he is Annie’s sponsor. Chris tells David that he cannot simply quit on Annie the next time they get into a fight. David shares that he will be better and do better and that is exactly why he wanted to get married in Kentucky- to prove to his kids he IS different and better than before. There’s a good idea- invite your KIDS to the wedding, David. They tried to sabotage the whole relationship, but hey, the more the merrier! Read more