Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy Says Kristen Is Thirsty For a Storyline & Reveals Friendship Status With Lala & Logan! Plus Raquel Addresses Rumors of James Cheating On Her

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Vanderpump Rules james kennedy and raquel leviss interview

Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy and his girlfriend Raquel Leviss are opening up on a number of hot topics when it comes to the show and their castmates.

In a new podcast interview, James discusses where his friendship stands today with Lala Kent and Logan Noh, plus he talks about the recent drama regarding the rumors he hooked up with Kristen Doute and calls her out for being thirsty for a story-line on the show.  Also, Raquel opens up about her relationship with James, addresses the rumors involving him cheating on her with Logan and Kristen, plus she reveals some new information about her future with James!

First, James revealed where he currently stands with Lala after she vowed to never be friends with him again following some mean comments he made about her boyfriend Randall Emmett.

“Leave that to Lala. She’s the one that makes the rules, apparently. One minute she’s up, the next minute she’s down,” said James on The Daily Dish Podcast. “I’m not talking to her right now. ”

He did go on to acknowledge that he might have crossed a line with disrespecting her beau on the show.

“I can see how it’s hard for Lala. I was very disrespectful towards Randall. Sorry about it.” he shared. “Real feelings come out whenever I talk. Sometimes I regret what I say, wish I could take things back, but at the end of the day, it’s like, sorry about it but get over it. If you aren’t over it, then don’t keep saying you are and having to f–king cut me off over and over.”

And what about Logan? Who  stated on the show that he was hooking up with James only to take it back when confronted by James.  “I’m not talking to Logan either,” revealed James. “I’m not talking to Logan now because I’m the one relieving that… he’s causing drama that I don’t need, so it’s like, why even try to bother?”

Raquel is then asked what she feels is the biggest misconception when it comes to her relationship with James.

“I think our whole relationship is very misunderstood,” said Raquel. “On camera, you only see a glimpse of how we interact with each other. People will comment and say that I really don’t see a connection there. There’s so much more than just what’s being portrayed on the show.”

Raquel also expressed her feelings on the gay rumors involving Logan and James.  “I think the whole thing with Logan, I don’t know why Jax [Taylor] is so sure that James and Logan were together, but no. That would never happen,” she stated.”

James then blamed the rumors involving Logan on Jax as well, for giving it life.

“Jax saw an opportunity to take the weight off his shoulders. He had just cheated on Brittany with Faith. He’s in a very awkward place and he sees an opening. He’d be dumb not to go for it. That was just a dumb move by Logan which he was quick to regret,” shared James.

When it comes to his friendship with Jax today, James surprisingly reveals that they are in a good place. “Yeah, I like Jax. You know, we’re mates. It’s definitely come to a point where we’re just like not hating on each other anymore,” he said. “We’re both comfortable in where we are in life. It’s great being friends with Jax now. We go out for drinks.”

James does however feel the guys screwed him over when it came to the Kristen drama in Mexico.

“It was hard. It was kind of like a bully situation,” explained James. “I felt like I was getting really close with the guys again. I was getting invited to boys trips. It was like WTF? It’s funny because I was like double crossed because it was made to sound like I had said something. It was so convincing because I was pretty drunk.”

James reiterated that he never hooked-up with Kristen in Mexico and states that Kristen was excited to give the rumors legs because she was desperate for a story-line to stay relevant on the show.

“I know that obviously nothing happened between Kristen and I. It was just a f–king load of BS that I had to deal with,” he stated. “I must say that Kristen was loving it. She was loving the attention. I know you both have noticed that there hasn’t been much of her this year. She’s like a vampire. She’ll just go for any blood she can and she saw some f–king opportunity in Mexico.”

Raquel addressed the Kristen rumors as well, saying she never doubted James for a second.

“He called me crying. And I’m like what is happening. I couldn’t understand him on the phone,” shared Raquel. “I was just like babe, just take a breath. I believe you if you say that nothing happened. Like don’t worry about it.”

Finally, Raquel surprised the hosts by revealing she and James are moving in together this summer!

“James and I are moving in together. We’re getting our own apartment this summer,” said Raquel. “And I’m going to get a dog. My mom’s going to get me one as a [college] graduation present. I struggle with anxiety so I really want it as an emotional animal.”

James however makes it clear that they won’t be moving to the same apartment complex as Jax and Katie Maloney.   “We’re going to get a spot in Beverly Hills adjacent West Hollywood. Very close to SUR. I like being able to walk up the street,” he added.

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