Teddi Mellencamp Denies She Confirmed a RHOBH Return, Talks Her Recent Run-In With Dorit Kemsley and Potential Appearance On Dancing With The Stars

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

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Teddi Mellencamp appeared on the Domenick Nati Show this week and addressed a number of hot topics, including her rumored return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which was supposedly confirmed earlier this week.

Teddi also spoke of a recent encounter with her on-screen nemesis, Dorit Kemsley, her favorite reality show, and a potential future appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

“I actually haven’t announced that I’m retuning back to Beverly Hills,” she explained of her rumored return to the show for season nine. “I don’t know, someone wrote that in the headlines but the only thing I said was that I had no regrets about this past season. So, I don’t know what they took that from but I definitely did not announce that. I really don’t know. We all kind of have to see. No decision has been made. We are going to make the best decision for our family and see what happens from there.”

Although Teddi isn’t currently filming for season nine, she was recently faced with a potentially awkward encounter with Dorit at the premiere party for Kyle Richards‘ new Paramount Network show, American Woman. As fans well know, Teddi and Dorit butted heads for nearly the entirety of season eight and recently, Dorit took aim at Teddi’s job as an accountability coach.

“I’ve seen [Dorit]. I saw her at Kyle’s premiere,” Teddi revealed. “We didn’t speak about it. I wrote a blog right after I saw the episode. Mainly, the blog was for me because writing my blogs are very cathartic and I also know that people read the blogs. So, I don’t need to confront her about it. She knows what she said. All I can do is be honest. I wasn’t mean. I said how it made me feel and she saw that and I haven’t heard from her.”

In addition to working as an accountability coach, Teddi has been vocal online about her ability to help others with weight struggles achieve body transformations and soon, she will be seen helping a high-profile client on another reality show. Unfortunately, because that reality show hasn’t yet been confirmed, she couldn’t say much about the series — or about who it was that she worked with.

“It is to come but it hasn’t aired yet. I can’t actually discuss it but there will be somebody that has gone through the program with me on their television show,” she teased.

Continuing on, Teddi made it clear that what fans see on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is very Real.

“A common misconception about doing reality is everybody thinks there’s an edit and a script. There’s none of that,” she said. “It is truly real. You’re seeing all of us acting out real situations how we are feeling. We are having real emotions, this is really happening, this is how we really feel. Regardless of what you are thinking, nobody is scripting us. Nobody is telling us what to do. This is actually our life.”

Teddi has made it no secret that she is a fan of reality television but when it comes to her favorite show, her top series isn’t aired on Bravo. Instead, it’s ABC’s The Bachelor.

“I am obsessed with The Bachelor, like, beyond obsessed. I love The Bachelor. I love to weigh in on it. I love to watch it. It’s my guilty pleasure,” she admitted.

Teddi is also a fan of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and said she is definitely open to a possible appearance in the future.

Dancing with the Stars… I’m about as good of a dancer as I am as a singer. So, I would really have to put some work into it but I can’t ever say, ‘No'” she explained. “When something is putting in front me, you never know what’ll happen.”

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