Get All The Details About Maci Bookout’s Restraining Order Against Ryan Edwards! Who Else Is Protected?

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Maci Bookout was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, earlier this month, and now, details of the order are being shared.

Although the Teen Mom OG star’s request for an order of protection was thrown out weeks ago, a judge assigned to their case chose to put a restraining order in place that will require Ryan to stay away from his former girlfriend, who is also the mother of his nine-year-old son Bentley.

In papers obtained by Radar Online from Hamilton County Court, it has been confirmed that in addition to being ordered to stay at least 100 feet away from Maci at all times, Ryan is also required to stay away from Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney, and their two young children, three-year-old Jayde Carter and two-year-old Maverick Reed.

“The respondent, Ryan Edwards, is hereby restrained from coming within a distance of 100 feet, contacting or otherwise communicating, directly or indirectly, with Petitioner Maci Bookout, her husband Taylor McKinney and their children Jayde McKinney and Maverick McKinney for a period of two years from the entry of this order,” the papers read.

Maci and Taylor filed separate order of protection requests in March of this year, chronicling Ryan’s concerning behavior.

“He has left voicemail messages threatening to show up at my house and take my son,” she claimed. “He has made threats to show up and hurt me if I don’t answer my phone.”

Then, during one of Bentley’s baseball games in May 2017, Maci said Ryan, who is expecting his second child with wife Mackenzie Standifer, “showed up under the influence of heroin and got in my face, yelling and threatening to hurt me.”

“His behavior and actions are getting worse. I am fearful for my three children and myself, and what he may do, based on his threats,” she continued.

In Taylor’s order, he claimed Ryan threatened to “put a bullet in [his] head.”

“The police were called and they suggested to seek an order of protection,” he said. “He has also said he would show up at our son’s baseball game and confront us, my wife and I.”

Days after the requests were filed, Ryan was arrested for petition to revoke after failing a drug test in January of this year.

Ryan was put on probation after being arrested in March 2017 for heroin possession.

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