Ashley Jacobs Reveals Why She Called Kathryn Dennis An ‘Egg Donor,’ Plus Southern Charm Cast Has Theory About Ashley’s Escort Rumors

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Southern Charm Ashley Jacobs vs Kathryn Dennis Feud

Ashley Jacobs slammed Kathryn Dennis as an “egg donor” during the season five finale of Southern Charm last week and during the series’ After Show, she explained why.

After berating Kathryn in front of Thomas Ravenel, the father of her two kids, Ashley explained that her harsh comments came after Kathryn began insisting that she and Thomas were a family — and even suggested they take family photos with one another over the holidays.

“She asked Thomas in December, ‘Can we take family photos, Christmas photos, of the four of us? The Ravenels?’” Ashley revealed. “I looked at him, I was like, ‘You need to start setting some boundaries right now or else I’m not staying here.’”

“Just because you push something out of your vagina doesn’t mean you are a mother. I’m sorry. Mother is loving, caring, and protecting these children,” she continued. “I want to see her actually do what she’s saying she’s going to do and I hope for her sobriety that she maintains that… for the sake of the children, the benefit of the children.”

During last week’s episode of Southern Charm, Kathryn confronted Ashley, telling her that she messed with the wrong family. In response, Ashley informed Kathryn that she and Thomas weren’t a family and slammed her as an “egg donor” for the couple’s two kids, four-year-old Kensington and two-year-old Saint Julien.

Looking back, Ashley said she was disappointed about how things went down.

“I said some things that were quick and reactive that I shouldn’t have said. I should have had more class as to bite my tongue but again, I was just in that moment,” she explained. “I was provoked. So, I was a little disappointed. I was like, ‘Darn.’”

In another clip from the Southern Charm: After Show, the cast was seen reacting to recent rumors that suggested Ashley was a high-end escort for Polo Men in Santa Barbara.

“People thought that she was paid to be here for Thomas to look good so that he could like… maybe for the custody thing? It’s like, he’s dating a nurse and that makes him look better,” Chelsea Meissner explained.

While the rest of the cast explained that they were unsure where exactly the rumors began, Kathryn admitted in a scene from the show that she had learned the information from one of her followers on Instagram, who encouraged her to tell Thomas about his girlfriend’s potentially controversial past.

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