PHOTO: David Beador’s Girlfriend Lesley Cook Shares Picture of Their New Matching Tattoos! Reveals Tamra Judge Blocked Her

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

David Beador Girlfriend Lesley Cook

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star David Beador, ex of Shannon Beador, and his girlfriend Lesley Cook have taken a major step in their relationship.

Months after their initial meeting in December of last year, the couple has gotten matching tattoos.

On Sunday night, Lesley shared a photo of her and David’s heart tattoos on their middle fingers on her Instagram page, along with three monkey emojis, which seemed to read, “Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil.”

RHOC David Beador and girlfriend Lesley Cook Matching Tattoos

Also on Instagram on Sunday, Lesley shared a clip of The Real Housewives of Orange County in which Tamra Judge was seen claiming that David had been commenting on her social media posts since October of last year, which she denies.

During last Monday’s premiere episode of the RHOC, as Shannon cried about the quickness in which David moved on from their 17-year marriage, Tamra told her longtime friend that David had allegedly began his new romance sooner than she thought.

In response to the claims against her and David, Lesley explained in the caption of her video clip that Tamra had flat-out lied about her communication with Shannon’s former partner.

“After friends insisted I watch last Monday’s episode I did… what Tamra states as a fact is an absolute lie,” she explained. “David and I met in December 2017. It wasn’t even possible for us to be talking in October… David DIDN’T cheat on his ex with me.”

After denying Tamra’s claims and labeling her as a liar, Lesley revealed she’s been blocked.

“I reached out to Tamra and in turn she just blocked me,” Lesley told her Instagram audience. “This has created a lot of stress and questions to myself and others involved. David and I are not on the show. Because of Tamra’s lie it has also created a media frenzy of false stories.”

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