Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska and Her Dad Randy React to Jenelle Evans Pulling a Gun Out During Road Rage Incident With Jace

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea reacts to Jenelle Evans Road Rage Incident with Jace

A number of Teen Mom 2 viewers were outraged on Monday night when they watched as Jenelle Evans pulled out a gun on another driver during a road rage incident with her son in the car, two of whom star on the series themselves.

After watching the shocking ordeal play out, both Chelsea Houska and her father, Randy Houska, commented on the scary situation and expressed concern for Jenelle’s eight-year-old son Jace on Twitter.

First, Randy posted the tweet below:

Then, Chelsea Houska responded to her dad’s post with a tweet of her own.

Later on in the episode, Randy hosted a poll on his Twitter page, asking fans what they would have done if they had been put in the same situation as Jenelle was during the show. Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of fans responded by saying they would “get away” quickly rather than chase the person down.

During Monday night’s Teen Mom 2, Jenelle was brake checked by someone while driving with her eight-year-old son in the front seat. She then proceeded to follow the male driver and threatened him with a firearm.

While Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, has made it clear that he is in support of gun rights, he didn’t approve of his wife’s behavior and actually reprimanded her for the scary encounter.

“You don’t follow a grown man to his f**king house,” he told her on the phone.

Also during Monday’s show, Jace was seen placing a call to his grandmotherBarbara Evans, to explain what happened.

“He slammed into us,” he said. “And then mommy just points a gun at the guy and he said, ‘You better not f**king shoot.’”

Footage of that incident is below.

Teen Mom 2 season 8B airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.