Ashley Jacobs Comments on Thomas Ravenel’s Arrest and Reveals Their Relationship Status, Kathryn Dennis Shares Cryptic Tweet Plus Southern Charm Cast’s Reaction

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Southern Charm's Ashley Jacobs and Kathryn Dennis React to Thomas Ravenel Arrest

Ashley Jacobs is breaking her silence following the arrest of former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel for second degree assault and battery in relation to a sexual assault case. She is also revealing her relationship status with Thomas after he implied they had split again during a Twitter rant this weekend.

Additionally, Kathryn Dennis sent out a cryptic tweet which appears to be her response to Thomas’s arrest as a new report reveals how the cast of Southern Charm feels about the news.

First, Ashley responded to a fan who mentioned a tweet Thomas had shared over the weekend.

“[Thomas] just said he doesn’t date people with zero integrity?? Did y’all have a fight? I thought you were back together?” the person asked.

“Huh! Well we’re dating so must mean I have ‘some’ integrity,” Ashley responded.

Ashley Jacobs reveals dating status

Over the weekend, Thomas was confronted on Twitter by a fan who said that despite his comments about quitting Southern Charm, he would definitely return if Bravo TV invited him and Ashley back.

“She can do it. But, I don’t date people with zero integrity,” he replied.

“So no more trashley?” another asked. “Perhaps,” he teased.

In another Instagram comment, Ashley responded to the recent news of Thomas’ arrest.

“Just saw some news on Thomas. Not sure, as usual, if it’s true but I hope you’re ok. Together or not you have very strong feelings for him. Be strong and hold your head up. Lots of love to you,” someone wrote.

“Thank you,” Ashley replied, also adding a red heart emoji.

Ashley Jacobs reacts to Thomas arrest

As Ashley was interacting with fans on Instagram, Kathryn, who shares two kids with Thomas, released what appeared to be a statement about Thomas’ arrest and the allegations of sexual assault that have been made against him.

“People are on the side of the road with signs saying “#believesurvivors in mount pleasant,” the message read.

Following news of Thomas’s arrest, it was confirmed he was taken into custody on charges stemming from claims of sexual assault made by his former nanny, Dawn.

As fans may recall, Dawn alleged in an interview from earlier this year that Thomas raped her, adding that she told Kathryn about what happened between her and Thomas before going to the police.

A new report by PEOPLE is also revealing how the cast of Southern Charm feels about the news of Thomas’s arrest.

“They’re relieved not to have to deal with Thomas on the show anymore,” a source revealed. “Thomas was a friend at first, but that changed over the years as layers and layers of his lies and manipulation were exposed. What he did to Kathryn was horrible, but the allegations from his nanny became the last straw.”

“It disgusted so many of them on the show, especially [the female cast members],” the source added. “They’ve all been keeping their distance since. He’s toxic.”

As for Thomas, he was released from jail yesterday with his next court date scheduled for November 16. His Twitter page is back up although he has yet to share any new tweets.

Southern Charm will return to Bravo TV next year for season six.

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