RHOC’s Gina Kirschenheiter Responds to Rumors of Cheating In Her Marriage, Reveals Why She Never Visited Husband Matt’s Los Angeles Apartment and Talks Religion

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RHOC's Gina Kirschenheiter Responds to Rumors of Husband Matt CheatingThe Real Housewives of Orange County star Gina Kirschenheiter is addressing rumors of infidelity in her marriage, as she also reveals why she never actually visited her husband, Matt Kirschenheiter, at his apartment in Los Angeles.

Weeks after admitting she didn’t know where his place was located, even prior to their split, the RHOC cast member explained why she never traveled north for her former partner.

“It’s so far away! Everybody gives me crap about that, too,” Gina, 34, said during an interview with The Daily Dish. “It’s a good almost two hours away. It’s like a crash pad. It’s like a crappy apartment… it’s not like he’s a bachelor in LA. And there’s no reason to go there.”

After Gina and Matt moved their family, including their three kids, Nicholas, 6, Sienna, 4, and Luca, 3, to Orange County from the east coast years ago for an amazing job opportunity for Matt, he received an even better opportunity in northern Los Angeles and ultimately decided to get an apartment there, rather than move their entire brood to the area.

“We considered it, but it’s just hard because I’m so happy here,” Gina said of a potential move to Los Angeles. “My kids are so adjusted, and I did the big move. It’s really hard, but I adjusted. And it works for us.”

Although some have suspected Matt was living like a single guy in Los Angeles as Gina cared for their kids back in Orange County, Gina shut down allegations of cheating in her marriage.

“Lots of husbands travel for work. Lots of husbands are traveling to different hotel rooms all the time for work. Are their wives going to every hotel room and checking it out?” Gina asked. “It’s a normal thing that if people work and they work far away that they have a place to live. It’s not like he’s stashing ladies there.”

Last month, Gina finally revealed the real reason she decided to file for divorce, following seven years of marriage, stating she simply no longer felt loved by her husband.

“He’s just not that person who compliments you and builds you up and makes you feel great,” shared Gina during the RHOC reunion. “I’ve never walked out of a room and had him say, ‘Oh my God, you look so beautiful.’ I’ve never really even had Matt look me in the eye and tell me in a genuine way, ‘I love you,’ and I do think those things are important.”

Also during her interview, Gina addressed claims that she’s an atheist, regarding a past statement she made to Vicki Gunvalson in which she claimed she does not believe in God.

“All of a sudden, I felt like I’m the face of atheism, and I am sort of an agnostic,” she said. “I just don’t know. That’s fair enough. And I’m not super religious. I grew up Catholic. I baptized all three of my children, basically for my mother and just in case. I don’t know, there could be something up there, and in that case, I bought their ticket, you know? I don’t really practice a religion, so when I make really major life decisions, I’m not gonna base it off of a religion that I don’t practice.”

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