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Kyle Richards Thinks It’s ‘Ridiculous’ Lisa Vanderpump Blocked Her, Plus Why Lisa Feels More Betrayed By Kyle Than Other RHOBH Cast Members

RHOBH's Kyle Richards Reacts After Being Accused of Stealing Lisa Vanderpump's Crown, How Does She Feel About Being Labeled as 'Queen' of the Show?

Kyle Richards Thinks It's 'Ridiculous' Lisa Vanderpump Blocked Her, Plus Find Out Why Lisa Feels More Betrayed By Kyle Than Other RHOBH Cast Members

Lisa Vanderpump told readers of her blog earlier this week that she blocked her former friend, Kyle Richards, after she accused her of lying about leaking a story to the media during filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Days later, an insider claims Kyle finds her co-star blocking “unnecessary” and “ridiculous” and has decided that she no longer wants to reconcile with Lisa. Meanwhile, the same source claims Lisa has no interest in reuniting either and believes Kyle betrayed her more than any of the other women of the show.

“Lisa truly feels out of all the ladies on RHOBH that Kyle betrayed her the most because she essentially called her a liar in her own home, making her feel incredibly disrespected,” the source told Hollywood Life on April 19. “Lisa loves Kyle and the friendship they had and felt she‘s always stood by her, however, Lisa felt that the way she came into her home and accused her of lying to their friends was so hurtful which is the ultimate reason why she stopped speaking to her.”

During an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills weeks ago, Kyle confronted Lisa at her home about her alleged involvement with a leaked story about Dorit Kemsley supposedly abandoning her dog and was promptly thrown out by Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd.

According to the source, Lisa was shocked by Kyle’s confrontation and actually expected Kyle to defend her against her co-star’s claims.

“It makes Lisa sad to feel she did the opposite of that. Lisa was so hurt by this that she instinctively blocked Kyle because everything was just so painful for her to deal with at such a sensitive time having just lost her brother,” the insider said.

As for Kyle, she never saw the end of her friendship with Lisa coming and when she went to her house earlier this season, she truly wanted an honest conversation with her co-star.

“[Kyle] is still so confused as to why Lisa threw her out of her house and blocked her number. Kyle feels like Lisa has no right to be mad at her as she did nothing wrong, but try to help her,” the insider explained. “She feels like blocking her was completely unnecessary and ridiculous and is one of the many reasons why she can’t ever see herself being friends with Lisa again.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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  1. Wait what?? Am I living in some alternate universe????????????????

    “[Kyle] is still so confused as to why Lisa threw her out of her house and blocked her number. Kyle feels like Lisa has no right to be mad at her as she did nothing wrong, but try to help her,” the insider explained.

      1. Haha-I just don’t understand her logic. I mean you go to someone’s home call them a liar and then claim you were only trying to help them??

        1. I know?! She went there to make a scene on purpose. It was premeditated. She never once thought about Lisa’s feelings. Kyle has no empathy for anyone’s feelings, let alone a “friend” who is grieving the sudden tragic loss of her only sibling.

  2. Wasn’t Kyle always the one complaining that LVP never had her back? Me thinks this is her way of getting back at her.

  3. I wish Vyle would come to my house and call me a liar, I would also love to have the opportunity of throwing her out of my house and blocking her number #GetTheFuckOutOfMyHouse

      1. I posted this to you on another thread. It’s from RunningWithWine, she said you were the inspiration for it.

  4. Hey Kyle, word of advise to the ignorant, hypocritical, deceitful you—-Lvp NEVER wants your friendship ever again. You do not deserve her. Get it out of your evil brain that you are the one who wont be friends with her. You treated her like dirt, ridiculed her husband & was head planner to get rid of her, no remorse, just revenge on your sick part. Lvp Blocked you—Get It?!! not the other way around.

  5. Leave it to Kyle to try and turn it around so she’s the victim. Didn’t she hear LVP when she clearly said “I AM DONE WITH YOU!” before telling her to show herself out. If this had been LVP’s first encounter of Kyle doing this, it might have ended differently, but I’m sure Taylor, Adrienne, Brandi, Kim, Eileen, Rinna, Erika, Yolanda, Carlton, Marissa, Theodore and Kathryn could all tell the same story as Joyce has about Kyle trying to see LVP as mean and manipulative. Of course, they’d have to find the courage to be honest despite what Kyle is holding over their heads.

  6. Even the source quoted doesn’t sound like any kind of “insider.” Tepid! Uninformative. Nuttin’ new here. Leftovers.

  7. Maybe Pinky has had some time to reexamine Kyle’s version of being a friend over the years. This could be Vyle’s last hurrah, but she has been shitting on Lisa V. for the duration of RHOBH.

    1. I totally agree. Kyle showed who she is in season 1 when she was back-stabbing LVP to Taylor (and maybe others off camera) and making comments calling her Bobby Fischer. Then at the reunion where LVP was accused of leaking stories, Blandi put them on blast for having a meeting to set up LVP. Kyle was involved in that too. It turns out that it was Adrienne’s chef who was selling stories. Kyle chose to believe that LVP put the magazines with Mo’s cheating in Brandi’s suitcase even when LVP denied it, and Yolanda said it didn’t happen. Brandi later admitted that she lied about it. LVP stood up for Kyle with Kim and with Camille as well as others. I can’t remember one time where Kyle stood up for LVP. She even sent her pitbull, Faye Resnick after her at LVP’s own anniversary party. IMO, LVP has known who Kyle is for a long time, and she just chose to get along. She’s finally had enough.

  8. Kyle, I just want you to know I have blocked you also. So don’t call me anymore.


    1. It’s like when you get dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend – ‘I dumped him/her” ha ha – so childish

  9. Poor Lisa expected Kyle the lying Bitch to defend her.. Lisa kyle has never ever defended you.. She’s never been your friend, she’s envious of your success and your husband adores you and respect you.. Maureco makes Kyle grapple for his business..

  10. Deny, Deflect, Deny, Deflect. You would think Kyle would have finally caught on to the fact the LVP does not want anything to do with her after not being in contact for the last seven months. What is wrong with this woman? Does she honestly think that the viewers really believe the BS she is spewing? Really how childish is it to constantly play the role of the victim even when the viewers saw how Kyle acted at Ken and Lisa’s and then go off and meet to discuss what had happened with D and T. I think it is time for a reality check for all of the “coven”.

  11. Start the countdown until dumb… dumber… dumbest and stupid as rat shit.. start putting out statements on this

    1. As Lisa V sits back and watches the filthy Five continue to hang themselves…I guess that’s one thing they do quite well ?

        1. Thinking of trademarking it for them ? I know season 6 was bad with the whole Munchausen thing, but the dark viciousness towards Lisa this season is way beyond.

          1. People forget Rinna wrote in her blog that she and Kyle discussed at dinner the night before they went on camera with LVP. Rinna said LVP was not to blame, then it flipped. Good ole Kyle, the real sniper from the side.

  12. Kyle, the only way Lisa is ever going to talk to you again to go see her, (Carmen Sandiego) hat in hand, knock at her door (service door, please) and humbly beg for her forgiveness. After you finish mucking the miniature poop from the miniature stables, slap yourself in the face 3 times, promise to stop being an ass, go back to the Kunty Koven, slap them in the face 3 times and swear on your Birken bags you’ll stay away until Lisa calls you to clean her clogged gutters.

  13. Not that I’m picking on Kyle *snort* but what’s with her hair? I know she had it cut but it looks really flat and thin. Maybe that’s why she’s been so cranky?

    1. Ooooh, if she sees this comment her wonky eye is gonna wonk out! Someone should tweet this to her.

          1. I vowed that I would be good today being that it’s Good Friday and all, but I just can’t help mahself!

  14. They are coworkers. You don’t block coworkers when you get offended. And if you’re grown, you don’t stop going to work for taking offense. Imagine if any other employee did it at their job. You get your ass up and go to work and deal with problems with coworkers in an adult way.

          1. Hey it’s Friday night! How about a drink or 10 to mellow out after a stressful week. Here’s to a good weekend!

          2. Hey it’s Friday night! How about a drink or 10 to mellow out after a stressful week. Here’s to a good weekend!

        1. You are giving me life calling out the tre trolls over there lol. They are running scared denying anything they said is about you but they won’t say who it is they mean lol. They drove me and many others away . Thank you for standing your ground

          1. Thank you. Please don’t let them keep you away. They don’t own the site.

    1. When you are suffering depression and Grief and you are receiving the crap Kyle is dishing out you would be off work on stress leave. Mental health is real you need to give yourself time to get better and strong again. She seems to be coming out of it and Kyle is not happy with her sticking up for herself now either. Be careful Kyle if she gets strong enough she might just stay but insist it’s without you. Bravo would have to consider this coz it’s what the viewers want so Bye Kyle Bye Mauricio clink clink

      1. I’m sure you’re right about her grief and depression. LVP most likely thought she’d soldier on with her commitment to work thinking it might help her cope. Her history is one of a hard worker for sure.

    2. I block coworkers, ex-friends, ex-lovers, liars and backstabbing bitches if warranted.What the bitches did to LVP was beyond being offensive and they most certainly did not act like adults. I would have distanced myself from them as well. And it appears that LVP is still filming, so there’s that.

      1. Most jobs means you are a part of a team. Job can’t get done if one blocks another. . I would have been offended/pissed too in LVP’s position. Wish she’d just ignore them and carry on.

        1. The job did get done…they did not stop filming. And, apparently we’re in for a really, really FUN rest of the season! I can hardly contain myself!

          1. I think she’s just filming alone in her Fabulous life, trying to cope with the death/Suicide of her Brother.. but I did delete it from my DVR.. I don’t want the Koven to get my ratings

          2. Wish they’d film Lisa & Ken traveling. Like back to the south of France when they stayed with European friends in a gorgeous villa. Would love to see them go to London, show us the sights, restaurants, friends.

        2. I don’t. I’d prefer to see Kyle and company held accountable for their cruel plan to smear and attack LVP while she had just received the most devastating personal blow imaginable. The women decided to go forward with their ugly plan knowing full well LVP’s emotional state. There is just no coming back from that – with me anyway. I’d be done with those women who just showed us exactly who they are to the core.

        1. I wish Rinna the worst razor hair p*ssy ever….I wish for Pat the Fupa’s fupa to be slapped by a thousand salamis in unison while “How Many Fucks Do I Give”plays in the background…I wish for Kyle’s wonky eyeball to fall out and that she is forever destined to wear an eyepatch. Do they make Birkin eyepatches?
          You’ll have to figure out something for Dodo and Teddi.

          1. I wish for DimWatt to be caged in the local pound while her creditors yell at her through the bars.
            I wish for TBore’s clients to sit on her until she admits accountability for being a boring, brainless, dickless, witless, shit stirring piece of shit.
            Happy Easter. 😉

    3. They actually were friends prior to being cast on the show. And if they were just coworkers like you and me, then LVP would have gone to HR to file a complaint against Kyle for harassment. And yes at that point, an employer would separate them or discipline Kyle. LVP never stopped filming. She just stopped filming with those who were tormenting her.

      1. Not for long, and not for anything other than a new network for Kyle to direct toward Mauricio for real estate business.

      2. Also LVP asked Bravo if she can take a year off to deal with her grief and they said no. Doesn’t sound like a great employer or job.

    4. maybe if you have a strong HR department . how are the coven getting their jobs done. what about their coworker hearing this all around them. there would be little focus on everyone’s duties

  15. If you value a friend and friendship, you don’t act like the wives on RHOBH. They are clueless and are more interested in publicity and their 15 minutes than true, honest friendship. The best advice is to cut out the toxic individuals which is exactly what LVP is doing.

  16. “[Kyle] is still so confused as to why Lisa threw her out of her house and blocked her number…” Kyle is confused? She is just plain nasty. How can she not see what she did to LVP? She is no one’s friend.
    LVP makes BH, and without her it is just a bunch of vile jealous wannabes.

    1. Hin R.Sandy, oh she is aware, fully aware. But she must try her luck playing the innocent victim card. Front page news, no one’s buying it for a sick second. She can fool some of the people some of the time, she cant fool all of the people all of the time. Some wise person once said that.
      Vile woman, we see who you truly are!

    2. It’s funny that Vyle sees nothing wrong with calling LISA a LIAR. Yet, when her sister, KimiKaze called HER a LIAR, it was the end of the world. Vyle should be used to being blocked, banned & ignored. Her 2 sisters have done that to her many times. Vyle often stated that Lisa was like a sister…. soooo, that explains Byle’s behavior & reaction toward LISA.

      1. Like when Yolanda called her a liar when she claimed Yolanda bad mouthed Lisa in Paris. Kyle was actually telling the truth but made up with Yolanda next season out of nowhere. Kyle’s “integrity” must have come with the hat but they gave her a child size version.

        1. That juxtaposition of YoDULL being called a LIAR by Byle to being close gal-pals made NO sense. In the next season, YoDULL tagged along on Byle’s family vacay. WTH?

          1. I don’t think she ever really fit in with the BH group. She kept setting herself apart, as if being married to the Great “Listen To ME” David Foster made her above the HEAP. Yet, HE wanted little to do with her. Other than pontificating HER pov, YoHaFoHa was a waste of space.

    3. Hin R.Sandy, oh she is aware, fully aware. But she must try her luck playing the innocent victim card. Front page news, no one’s buying it for a sick second. She can fool some of the people some of the time, she cant fool all of the people all of the time. Some wise person once said that.
      Vile woman, we see who you truly are!

      1. Abraham Lincoln said: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

        1. Hi Valerie, I did not remember it was Abraham Lincoln who said those profound words, so I appreciate you letting me know. Many thanks for that.

  17. Kryle-the-child, claims she won’t reconcile with someone who no longer wants her!!! Way to go, Byle!

      1. I thought I did. Did I miss something?
        Kryle doesn’t understand why Lisa is angry. Since Lisa blocked her, Vyle decided to not be friends again. Is that not the case?

        1. She never got a clue in all those months that Lisa never responded back to anything she sent?

          1. Hey, Vyle was busy closing down her stores, & watching her tv show flop. She didn’t pay any attention to Lisa until filming resumed. Ken was right: Kyle is not Lisa’s friend.

          1. That’s the reason I wrote my first comment that it’s laughable (& useless) for Vyle to announce that she would drop the person who already dropped her.

          2. No wonder she grocery shops in a vanderhall, she can’t even show off properly.

          3. Kate Chastain (Below Deck) has a quirky sense of humor and posted: The only thing more awkward to watch than Kyle Richards taking her Vanderhall car w/ literally zero storage space to the grocery store is the unseen footage immediately after that where she stopped to get gas for her Vanderhall and had to use a Vanderpump.

          4. You pull the seat forward. She had a whole shopping cart full of shit and not even room enough for one bag. She’s an idiot. And she wore her Carmen Sandiego hat too

      1. Exactly!!!! It’s how children react. “You don’t like me? Well, I don’t like you first!!!!”

        1. LOL Medusa, so true. Good gravy, she must really think she’s all that. I need Carlton & the psychic just about right now to sit her down like the spoilt brat she is & explain to her that one NO & a thousand No’s means the same one no.

    1. Kyle is still searching for the toys that were already taken away so she can throw them out of her pram.

    2. Word is Mauricio no longer wants Kyle either, which is why his affairs are with women of both beauty and INTELLIGENCE.

    3. Word is Mauricio no longer wants Kyle either, which is why his affairs are with women of both beauty and INTELLIGENCE.

  18. Kyle insists on holding onto the idea that she was ‘helping’ LVP, not accusing her and then not believing her when LVP swore on her kids’ lives. In her dark, tiny heart of hearts, Kyle knows exactly why LVP isn’t talking to her and why it’s over.

    1. Kyle is one of the most selfish, self centered HW in the franchise. She even makes Meme look like Alfred Nobel.

  19. this woman whom plotted with the others and meet them one hour after leaving her home doesnt understand why lisa V am sure doesnt care if she after 7 months now doesnt want to fix there friendship.

          1. It’s a lot more Michael Jackson-esque now. But he was friends with little Kathy, maybe Vyle is competing with him too now.

          2. Ughhh, really, they were friends? Not that I think the Hiltons/Richards are anything other than gutter trash but MJ is a fucking pedophile. l wonder if Pyle is a MJ apologist.

          3. Yes, best friends. He, La Toya and Kathy. Ironically there’s a clip of La Toya calling him a pedo on YouTube

          4. I’ve seen that, she also said her ex-husband put her up to it. I think once the mother dies LoToya will feel free to speak out.

  20. Bahwahahahaha! Even Kyles PR Crisis team hates her. Her “defense” is so bad it’s indefensible. Was Kyle trying to “help” LVP by not standing up for her once throughout the season? Was Kyle trying to “help” when she barged into LVP’s home and screamed at her – repeatedly – without even bothering to sit down for a civil conversation because she couldn’t wait to pounce on LVP? Was Kyle trying to “help” when she went from LVP’s home to the Polo Lounge to meet Dorit and Teddy to gossip about LVP and then pretend the very next day that she was telling the “story” for the first time? And was Kyle trying to “help” when she initiated a social media campaign mocking LVP’s husband? Glad LVP finally sees this wicked, backstabbing woman for who she is.

    1. You are correct about her PR team. Do none of the women have publicists or advisors? Because regardless of whose side you are on in this whole mess, there’s just no way that any competent publicist could sanction the behavior and continued responses that the women, especially Kyle and Teddi continue to give.

  21. So this “insider” claims to know how both Kyle and Lisa are feeling….? Hmmmm. I assume Kyle is on her way now to their home to accuse them of leaking?
    If Kyle doesn’t want to reconcile with Lisa then how can she say Lisa blocking her was unnecessary?

  22. “Want to reconcile with Lisa”……is she freaking delusional?
    And was not “thrown” out of the house by Ken, she was asked to leave over and over and over and Vile stayed to fight

  23. I am confused as to why Kyle is confused… I really do not think it takes a rocket scientist to understand why LVP has washed her hands of Kyle. So maybe if Kyle was to lose a sibling to a horrible death, have to film 2 reality shows, run numerous businesses while also working for a number of charities and be called a liar by someone that you thought was a true friend all in the matter of 5 months maybe, she would be able to grasp the concept that she is really not a nice person…. I mean who would want a friend like that? Bye Kyle…..

    1. She’s gotten away with this her entire life and really is too incredibly stupid to know how disgusting she is.

    2. if LVP read one of your comments, any of them, she would be more embarrassed and humiliated than ever in her life. you’re using her name as an excuse to go as low as a person can go to trash other people. I’m pretty sure she would never ever approve such a behaviour because you know, she has class and dignity, not to mention respect to all living creatures.

    3. plus, didn’t LvP lose teo dogs last year? that, too, is incredibly painful. i still miss my itty bitty boy and that has been more than 3 years ago.

  24. The jig is up. Bethenny basically admitted on WWHL that Lisa R and Kyle chatted with her about taking LVP down. B tried to retract her statement later, but she couldn’t fix the mistake. There’s nothing uglier than the green eyes of envy.

    1. Bethenny must not have rehearsed for that question or just didn’t think it through since she is, after all a self-professed genius. I, too, just happened to have WWHL on and she sure did barf it all out.

  25. OT: I just want to wish the RB posters a Good Friday, Happy Passover and Easter. As some of you know I joined this site a few months ago and you have all been nothing but kind to me. This is truly a wonderful site that I hope to be a part of for a long time to come.

    1. Wishing a great holiday to all the RealityBlurb posters. I am so happy I have found this place. You are all so witty and lovely people. It is so much fun reading you all. I was shy at first to comment but you have been so nice to me when you do not know me!
      Thank you! Merci beaucoup!

  26. I KNEW everyone would be at the LVP story!? Just want to wish all the writers & posters here at Reality Blurb a wonderful weekend, whether you celebrate Passover, Easter or Earth Day/420! Love all you guys!???????☺️

    1. So sweet. Happy Easter to everyone from Rome! On vacay with my lovely family for Easter. Saw Pope Francis at the Via Crucis at the Colosseum tonight, right down the street from where we are staying. It’s gorgeous here – 72 and sunny during the day. So special being in Rome for Easter – a lifelong dream come true! God Bless, Everyone.

      1. Oh my Goodness, Please enjoy for me too. Love everything Vatican City & Love Holy Father. You will have a very blessed Easter for sure.

        1. Thank you, Starr! Yes, Love Francis. Our youngest son took Francis for his Confirmation name a few years ago. He’s graduating high school now, from a Jesuit HS. We visited the Church of St Ignatius today, the founder of the Jesuits, Pope Francis’ Order. All of the basilicas are so ornate and beautiful. Filled with art. You could spend hours and hours. We have a tour scheduled for the Vatican early before it opens to beat the crowds – they take us right to the Sistine Chapel so we can lay on our backs to look at the ceiling. Can’t wait! Happy Easter to you too!

          1. Thank you more than you know Beachgirl. I especially love the part with your son & his confirmation name. After St. Francis of Assisi? My favorite saint, animal lover himself.
            Enjoy being in such a Holy place. And God bless you all.

          2. Yes, and after Pope Francis too. Omg – Mass in St Peter’s Square with Francis was SO moving! Was teary-eyed through most of it. Plus – got the Urbi et Orbi blessing! Our parish was Franciscan (much more hospitable and liberal) for 125 years before they had to give it up to the Diocese (yuk – I call the corrupt hierarchy of the Church the Sanhedrin) because the numbers of their Franciscan priests are dwindling and they couldn’t staff it. (Why don’t they just ordain women for Heaven’s sake?) Anyway, Franciscans take a vow of poverty, which Diocesans do not. Lots of Franciscans here in Rome. Our older son goes to St Francis Xavier, the flagship gay/lesbian parish in NYC – with his girlfriend! The church is just gorgeous. Happy Easter! On to the Borghese for Earth Day celebrations!

          3. Absolutely beautiful sharing Beachgirl, just love it so much. My eldest daughter attended the Franciscan University Of Steubenville in Ohio & she loved every second of it.
            OMGoodness to have received the Urbi et Orbi blessing, in my eyes, you have arrived at the throne. I did attend the mass myself, on TV though & that was so special to me, far less you–who was actually there & present.
            This week, Divine Mercy is also so special to me & I am sure to you as well . Journey on with Our Lord & your family & love it for me too.
            Thank you from my heart for sharing it all with me.

        1. Thanks, Chickie! Smooth sailing so far. Enjoying every minute. April is the best time – it’s been highs of 74, sunny and breezy. WIth blue skies and white fluffy clouds – just like the Renaissance paintings in the museums! No skyscrapers blocking out the sun. Lots of open space and ancient ruins everywhere you look. Absolutely perfect weather for sightseeing, walking the beautiful city and eating outside.

        1. Thanks, Maisey! It IS wonderful. A beautiful, magical city full of art with millennia of history everywhere you look. Can’t sleep – still on US time. Happy Easter to you and yours!?

        1. It’s been a lifelong dream for me too. It’s great so far. Thanks, Laurie. (You’ll get here one day. We flew Norwegian direct. Very nice plane and affordable. Stay in VRBO, the hotels are expensive. The food is great and not too pricey.)

      2. Wow you are VERY lucky! Always been a dream of mine too! Enjoy this Easter time with your family & Pope Francis! God bless you too!???

        1. Yes, I am very lucky. I appreciate so much this beautiful trip. And friends on here who are so sweet, like you. It is very special being in Rome at Easter week. Happy Easter!

    2. So sweet. Happy Easter to everyone from Rome! On vacay with my lovely family for Easter. Saw Pope Francis at the Via Crucis at the Colosseum tonight, right down the street from where we are staying. It’s gorgeous here – 72 and sunny during the day. So special being in Rome for Easter – a lifelong dream come true! God Bless, Everyone.

  27. OT but to lighten the mood a bit and ‘cos it’s Easter – please look at this it’s hilarious – nothing to do with RHOBH but fun as hell.

  28. Wouldnt Kyle have had to have actually been a friend to Lisa to now say she cant see herself being friends with her again…. Things that make you go hmmmm.

    1. Thanks to Joyce, we now know that Kyle was talking crap about LVP all the way back in 2013. I’ll bet it was longer than that. I don’t think Kyle is a true friend to anyone.

        1. OMG – I could dive right in! It looks DELICIOUS! I’m up late in Rome, can’t sleep bc I’m still on US (east coast) time, and gettin hungry!

          1. SO fabulous! Weather’s perfect, food’s delicious, everything so fresh – you can’t get a bad meal. Ate in trendy Trastevere last night, a happening – think the West Village NYC in its heyday, except with 2,000 year old cobblestone Roman streets, and good food – haha. Saw all of the ancient sites – Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Catacombes, Vatican – just so amazing. On to the Borghese for Earth Day celebrations!

  29. Rinna’s awfully quiet for Rinna. She was not at all convincing on wwhl about the leak. If Andy is really digging this would explain her backing off.

    1. No she wasn’t convincing on WWHL. Plus I noticed they didn’t have any polls the night Rinna was on. I think they knew whatever poll would be a landslide in LVP’s favor.

  30. Instead of Cohen, I wish Joe Rogan would stand in as moderator of RHOBH reunion (or any reunion for that matter). After his no BS approach, and that’s putting it lightly, these women would be lucky to be walking out on their own two feet. His podcasts are brutally funny, and I love him as a MMA commentator! Or, Gordon Ramsey…first on his agenda, DKs fake accent.

  31. I’m starting to notice a lot of articles about Rinna pop up on the DM website. It looks like either Rinna or her publicist are working overtime trying to recover from all the bad publicity of the dog story and the obvious take-down attempt on LVP.

    1. Isn’t that overkill? GRinna’s role is minor. She’s barely noticeable & of little impact to the story.

      1. Maybe she read the many twitter & blog comments that indicated she was going to be fired at the end of this season.

          1. LIPSA? Sorry, I didn’t watch her on WWHL. In fact, I avoid watching any of her scenes.

          2. Oh I’m sorry I thought you were familiar with “Lipsa” this is what I call Rinna. I cannot stand Mandy or his vacuous WWHL show. I only watched the night Lipsa was on to see if Mandy would possibly question Lipsa about her and the other witches, wicked and vicious treatment of LVP. Lipsa was very moody and quite surprisingly reserved. In my opinion she was mad. She was largely overshadowed by the other guest which was Ciara. Lipsa was seated in the second seat. Mandy repeatedly kept bragging and largely focused most of his attention on Ciara and talking about her husband, Russell Wilson who had just signed a four year $140 million dollar deal with the Seahawks. Mandy did ask Lipsa (it was a question sent in from twitter) why she didn’t ask Dorit about the lawsuit and the lady that chased her around the pool in the Bahamas. Lipsa’s response was a complete and total lie. “I didn’t want to upset Dorit.” “Last year when I brought up the lawsuit pertaining to Ken LVP got very upset.” A fan told LVP what Lipsa had said on WWHL and she called her a liar. LVP said she was completely fine with Lipsa bringing it up last year because it was a frivolous lawsuit to begin with and knew it would be thrown out.

  32. Wasn’t it just last year that Kyle had a meltdown and stormed off just because they disagreed with her? Imagine if they all ganged up, snubbed her, mocked her and called her a liar. Kyle’s head would have exploded

  33. Camille must be still angry about LVP not showing up to her shitty shower and is a bit brighter then Kyle as she gets that Lisa is done with her too

    1. Except Camille was at the opening of Lisa’s new restaurant in Las Vegas. I wonder if Camille apologized to LVP and they’re OK now?

  34. These people can’t really be this stupid can they?
    Teddi-LVP made me do it-when she herself agrees LVP never spoke to her about it?
    Kyle-I barge into someone’s house call them a liar and rip them apart and can’t understand why they block me.


    1. I don’t get it either. How can they be that stupid?
      And how can they continue the backlash, monthes after the end of the filming, when everybody can see now that there is no proof whatsoever of what they implied all season. When LVP is coming totally clean of what they wrongly accused her of doing. How can’t they just see that they were in the wrong and apologize to Lisa… and, why not, to the viewers too?

  35. Kyle are you seriously that fkn stupid? You called her a liar in her own home then refused to leave the multiple times she asked you to, it wasn’t until Ken sticking up for his wife and told you to leave then walked away with her did you finally leave. Then you and your other infantile friends and daughter(great fkn role model you are) go by SUR mocking Ken by yelling Bye Kyle. I would have blocked you also, I would have called the cops on you though if you didn’t leave my house the first time I told you. You are a sad jealous bitch and so are the rest of the HAGS

  36. Is there EVER a scenario or situation where Kyle isn’t a victim? She’s had issues with her sisters, Camille, Carlton, Brandi, Rinna….practically everyone, and it’s ALWAYS their fault and what they’ve done to her. She really is a ridiculous creature.

  37. I’ve Byle really that stupid? She attacks Pinky in Pinky’s own home and doesn’t understand why Pinky threw her out and blocked her……yes, Shen really is that stupid.

          1. THAT explains her penchant for clownish clothes such as the striped romper above!!!! She’s a walking circus tent.

          2. Really!!!! I never wore such at thing, not even when I was a little girl.
            Vyle has it backwards. She dresses Portiaaa like a middle aged woman; while dressing herself like a child.

          3. Really? What’s with KyleECoyote’s sudden penchant to wear hats? It’s on par to her wearing her old man glasses when she wants to seem serious.

          4. I’m guessing she’s trying to hide the bald spots on her head since the hats do absolutely nothing for her except make her look even shorter.

          5. LOL – She must have no mirrors in her new house. LVP lives at Villa Rosa. Vyle is at ‘Maison Morons’.

          6. From the back it makes her look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was the infamous Goodbye Vyle hat no less

          7. I just thought of a new product Blahvo should push: Baseball caps with “Goodbye Kyle” emblazoned across the front.

        1. I wonder what Mr Richards is thinking about the situation, about his wife getting such a strong backlash for being the epitome of the meangirl? I am not sure he likes this bad publicity for the agency.

          1. maRITZio will have to explain once again to Byle that she is bad for his biz.!!!
            He’ll stay out later & longer without answering her texts or calls. She’ll get the message.

  38. As an aside: Vyle has to throw away that childish striped romper from the above photo. Unless, she wants to prance around looking like a 50 year old toddler.

  39. I have absolutely zero sympathy for privileged fake LVP (my opinion!!). She has the option to leave but she revels in the drama. These shows are so fake.

        1. That’s nice for you. Your post still doesn’t make any sense but at least you gave it a try.

      1. Medusa, you go girl. These negative crows will never see the truth because they too are just as nasty as the coven., I leave them to their own dark devices.

        1. Hey, Starr ~ The TRUTH is plain as day. How can Lisa be held accountable for the harsh treatment she received & keeps receiving after filming ended?

          1. Absolutely Medusa. We are not dealing with truthful people, they will fight the evil fight to the end—their end. It’s what they live for. leave them to my main man upstairs, they will be brought to their knees.

    1. I’m sure your opinion is going to devastate LVP.

      If these shows are so fake, then why are you watching?

      1. I only watch RHONY now but I have seen enough of LVP to last a lifetime. I’m truly amazed at the amount of butthurt people unable to allow a contrasting opinion. LOL

    2. But she asked to leave before filming this season and the production company said no. So I guess she really didn’t have any option.

  40. With Kyle’s hair looking so ratty and thinned out as of late, I am starting to believe that she had extensions in all along. Her hair should have looked fuller after cutting off so much length.

          1. You are too sweet! I Miss y’all as well! I need to find a rich dude, so I can quit mah job! I heard Mohammed is available…..?

          2. ???? yes you need to marry rich !! Mohammed is available and chances are David Foster will be available soon

          3. She’s one tick bite away from being dumped ???. I didn’t think she would last this long, she was smart to get pregnant ??

          4. You should come to San Francisco !! All these new companies are creating instant millionaires almost daily ??☀️ it’s mind boggling

        1. Happy Easter to you & yours too Rain & to everyone here on our beautiful site. Love you all & I sincerely mean it. You have become family.

          1. ❤️❤️❤️??? yes this is a fantastic site and everyone is special . Even when I’m not posting , reading the comments makes me smile
            Mwah ?

          1. OT ! Do you watch Veep on HBO??? I die laughing every episode because I love politics and it is so superbly written

      1. Haven’t you heard? Kryle is “Our Lady Who Suffers” from many maladies: Anxiety, Horse Allergy, Dry Eye Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, ‘Depression Hurts’ & Baby Fat from her last pregnancy (12 years ago).

  41. I doubt Bravo will allow this but I would love if, at the reunion, someone (would have to be Andy or LVP) brings up LVP’s revelation that Dorit, Teddi and Kyle were huddled in the Polo Lounge immediately after the Goodbye Kyle moment. Obviously Kyle was debriefing the other two on what went down. Then, later at drinks somewhere they pretended they were hearing it for the first time. Will Bravo protect them from accountability by enforcing the ridiculous 4th wall rule? Teddi even badly feigns outrage and says something like “Wait- Ken was aggressive?” That shows that they are going after Ken as well. They are wounded and desperate and are lashing out now. Fortunately they are also dumb as stumps and never suspected that the fans would see them for the vindictive, venomous, jealous tricks that they are.

    1. There was some really bad acting when they supposedly heard about it for the first time while being filmed for the show. Now we know the reason for the bad acting.

    1. What’s with all the hats she wears now? I saw a comment earlier about her losing hair, I think it’s true.

  42. Bravo The Feast just did an item about Kyle’s refrigerator. Fitting, because she’s about as interesting as a kitchen appliance.

    1. I saw that. Poor, pathetic KyleECoyote competes with a past cast mate’s stunning fridge; and LOSES to that. yoDULL’s fridge was so fascinating, it had its own twitter account & fans.

          1. And the arc said that she was statuesque! LMFAO, only if she was on “Little Women L.A.”

          2. Definitely! It was a lot of processed foods, which are not healthy. YoDULL’s was full of fresh produce. There is no comparison in terms of “beauty” – as far as refrigerators go… LOL

          3. When I was searching I originally searched on Kyle Richards Bravo Feast & all it pulled up were a bunch of “cleansing” & “juicing” recipes. Explains all the liquid in her fridge.

          4. There’s no way she does juices. I think Mauritzio drinks them, or she’s doing it to impress Theodore.

          5. The one time KyleECoyote tried drinking a juice, it was to chummy up to YoDULL, who insisted Byle try one of her lemon juice concoctions. KR rolled her eyes, & said she’d never have it again.

          6. Vyle is always acting like she hasn’t a a satisfying meal in forever, her butt and backfat tell me a different story

          7. Hahahaha… Byle really exaggerates her various diet methods. Yet, she’s all talk & no action.

          8. Except to the nearest fatburger’s. It’s the same as Erikhunt when she was pretending to only treat herself to a hot dog twice a year, without the bun, please gurrlfriend

  43. I am watching Kafka’s “The Trial” on TMC, wow it is like watching BHHW only BH ain’t that deep just a bunch of lying, cackling hens. Paraphrasing Kyle, ” I was trying to help by accusing her of something I have no knowledge of and no proof.” “Everyone else agrees with me and you are guilty because I say so.’ The nerve and to do it on national TV, be proven a liar and a buffoon and then double down on gang-up. Unbelievable!

  44. If any remaining Kyle fans need any more proof of how duplicitous, manipulative and desperate she is then Brandi saying that Kyle was the first to reach out to her after her Mr Chow melt down should do it.

      1. Carried out of Mr Chow wasted, then posting video crying of how embarrassed she is. You know, a typical Saturday night for Brandi.

      2. Carried out of Mr Chow wasted, then posting video crying of how embarrassed she is. You know, a typical Saturday night for Brandi.

    1. Where did she say this outrageous comment? I don’t see it on her Twitter unless it is lost in the comments…You often offer excellent tidbits…Thanks.

          1. Apparently, Hannah from Below Deck Med, too! I can’t bring myself to listen to her podcast…so this info is strictly from comments.

  45. All I can do now is just laugh at the things these people are coming up with – I mean, I’ve stabbed my friend in the back for 12 yrs and now she BLOCKS me just because I went to her house and let her know she’s a fucking liar. How dare she!?

    1. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend, too!!! This image is cool & so ethereal!!!

  46. Kyle got her honest answer and still she called LVP a liar…how more honest could it be? I would have walked/blocked her too. That isn’t a friend…that’s a co worker that doesn’t love you.

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