RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Clarifies Legal Threat Against Lisa Vanderpump, Denies Bullying Her Co-Star

by Lindsay Cronin

RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Clarifies Legal Threat Against Lisa Vanderpump, Denies Bullying Her Co-Star

Lisa Rinna is setting a couple of rumors straight on Twitter.

Earlier this week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa responded to fans who questioned her about her alleged legal threats against Lisa Vanderpump and to the reports suggesting she has been “bullying” her co-star.

On April 29, after a fan suggested Lisa R. had “no problem” threatening to file a lawsuit against Lisa V. over the reported launch of her Vanderpump Dogs spinoff series, Lisa R. fired back at the fan and made it clear that she never actually planned to sue her co-star.

“I never threatened to sue anyone. My lawyer makes my deals for me. I could have said agent but I didn’t have one for the HW deal… hon,” she tweeted.

According to Lisa R., she never used the word “sue” on Instagram when she told her fans and followers she was upset about the way in which she and the rest of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast were supposedly manipulated into setting up Lisa V.’s potential series.

“My lawyer serves as my agent for bravo I never used the word ‘Sue.’ Let’s get that real clear,” Lisa R. warned. “Lawyers can make deals for you.”

As for the allegations of bullying, Lisa R. said that all she’s done during season nine is speak her truth.

“Debbie I speak my truth that is not being mean or a bully,” she told a fan who labeled her “mean.”

“You are being a bully,” she added.

In March, Lisa R. took to her Instagram page and reacted to the news of Lisa V.’s alleged spinoff that is expected to be based out of Vanderpump Dogs, which was a hot topic throughout The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine.

“I’m a hustler. I make no bones about that. I think you get paid for what you do. So my feeling is if we indeed are servicing a spinoff we should be paid for it,” she began. “I am so happy for all of us to use this platform for makeup lines, bathing suit lines, network tv shows, restaurants, charitiea [sic] clothing lines fitness empires you name it. I support these women 100 percent. But if you are going to use our services without telling us that we are playing out a storyline to launch a pilot for a new show and you don’t compensate us extra for that. Yeah I’m a hustler I get paid for what I do.”

“So if this indeed becomes another show, my lawyer will be calling. $$$$$$$$$$$$,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.