REPORT: Vanderpump Rules Cast Thinks It’s ‘B.S.’ That Lala Kent Doesn’t Show Her Relationship With Randall Emmett on the Show

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REPORT: Vanderpump Rules Cast Thinks It's 'B.S.' That Lala Kent Doesn't Show Her Relationship With Randall Emmett on the Show

Lala Kent‘s fiancé, Randall Emmett, has never appeared on Vanderpump Rules and according to a new report, the cast isn’t too happy about his refusal to film.

After a number of cast members, including Tom Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump, called Lala out at the reunion for failing to showcase her relationship on the show, an insider claims several of Lala’s co-stars are “sick of it.”

“Lala got called out on the [Vanderpump Rules] reunion because the whole cast doesn’t think it’s fair she’s allowed to pick pieces of her life to show. Randall has made it very clear he doesn’t want to be on the show, and even though he makes appearances on other reality shows and projects, he wants nothing to do with the [Vanderpump Rules] show itself,” a source told Hollywood Life on May 27.

“Lala protects him and says that she gives enough of herself on the show to make up for it. She openly discusses her battles with anxiety, being sober, etc. But the whole cast is sick of it and wants her to have to show her whole life next season, now that she’s full-time cast. Everyone feels it’s bullsh*t and unfair,” the insider continued.

During the three-part reunion, Lala told host Andy Cohen that she doesn’t want her future husband to be featured on Vanderpump Rules and described the content of the show as “real and nitty gritty.” In response, Andy pointed out that all of Lala’s co-stars have put their relationships on the series.

According to Tom, Lala gets to keep “extra” parts of her life tucked away while the others put their full lives on display.

“Maybe if they had something really huge that they wanted to protect then maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing them on the show,” Lala reasoned. “There are a lot of men who don’t want to be on the show and Randall is one of them.”

But even Lisa wasn’t sold on why Randall hadn’t yet appeared on camera.

“He’s the most important thing in your life and when you’re not showing that relationship basically you’re not showing what’s going on in your life,” she told her SUR hostess.

Vanderpump Rules season eight is currently in production and expected to air on Bravo TV sometime later this year.

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