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Real Housewives of Orange County

PHOTOS: Meghan King Edmonds Jokes About Being Pregnant Amid Husband Jim’s Cheating Scandal, Plus His Alleged Mistress’ Past Arrests Revealed

PHOTOS: Meghan King Edmonds Jokes About Being Pregnant Amid Husband Jim's Cheating Scandal, Plus His Alleged Mistress' Past Arrests Revealed

Meghan King Edmonds is making jokes about being pregnant with her fourth child.

As new details regarding her husband Jim Edmonds‘ alleged mistress, Jennifer McFelia Villegas, continue to surface, the Real Housewives of Orange County star took to her Instagram Stories and told her online fans she was pregnant. 

“I have some news to share,” Meghan said, according to a report from Pop Culture, as she sported a large “bump.”

RHOC Meghan King Edmonds Jokes She is Pregnant

“I’m pregnant … with this!” she continued as she pulled a stuffed animal out of her shirt.

According to Meghan, her two-year-old daughter Aspen was the one who suggested she pull the silly prank on her fans and followers.

RHOC Meghan King Edmonds Didn't Ditch Her Wedding Ring

In addition to making sure her fans knew she wasn’t actually pregnant, Meghan attempted to shut down any potential rumors regarding the absence of her wedding ring.

“Btw, my RIGHT hand is holding my phone. It’s a mirror image!” she explained, failing to reveal why her wedding ring wasn’t seen on either hand.

In other Meghan King Edmonds news, the shady past of her husband Jim’s alleged mistress, Jennifer, was recently exposed by Us Weekly.

On June 24, the outlet revealed that in 2016, after facing charges of DUI and “financial identity fraud,” Jennifer was accused of leaving “her infant daughter in her car” in a grocery store parking lot. She was charged with one count of reckless conduct for unlawfully endangering the safety of a minor.

She was also accused of “consciously disregarding substantial and unjustifiable risk that her act of leaving Juvenile D.V. in a vehicle unsupervised would endanger Juvenile D.V.’s safety,” according to paperwork. She pleaded “nolo contendere” in January 2018. This means that while she did not admit to wrongdoing, she accepted the charges against her.

Following her plea, Jennifer was fined $500, given 12 months of probation, ordered to complete 400 hours of community service, and forced to complete parenting courses and life skills classes.

While Jim denies having anything more than an inappropriate texting relationship with Jennifer, she claims their relationship was physical and has offered to take a lie detector test to prove her case.


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