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Flipping Out

Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Calls Out Andy Cohen for Joking About Dating His Ex Gage Edward as Andy Accuses Jeff of Snubbing the Birth of His Son

Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis Calls Out Andy Cohen for Joking About Dating His Ex Gage Edward as Andy Accuses Jeff of Snubbing the Birth of His Son

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen aired their grievances with one another during a recent appearance on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy.

During Monday’s episode of Andy Cohen Live, Jeff told Andy that he didn’t appreciate the way in which he continued to joke about wanting to date his ex-boyfriend, Gage Edward. Afterward, Andy attempted to defend his comments before taking aim at Jeff for failing to reach out after the birth of his son Benjamin earlier this year.

“You used to joke a lot about, you know, wanting to date Gage or going out with Gage,” Jeff noted.

“I know and I stopped the second you broke up,” Andy admitted.

“You actually did not. You kept going with it,” Jeff replied.

“Oh, really?” Andy asked.

“Yes, you did. You said it recently and that did hurt my feelings because… You know, it was different when we were dating and you would joke but now that we are not together, and it was a tough breakup… I just wanted to say that I prefer you not to say that again,” Jeff explained.

According to Andy, he truly believed he quit joking about Gage after their controversial breakup and never actually made any effort to link up with him.

“It’s not like I’ve ever DM’d Gage or actually tried to make anything happen,” Andy insisted.

While Jeff then noted that Andy “can’t help [himself],” he admitted to overreacting to Andy’s comments and said the two of them are a lot alike.

As the Andy Cohen Live episode continued, Andy told Jeff he found it “odd” that he never reached out to him after he welcomed his first child.

“Are you kidding?” Jeff replied. “I even asked about sending a gift and you said, ‘Don’t send me a gift because I’ve received thousands of gifts.’ I absolutely [reached out].”

“I definitely didn’t want a gift,” Andy said. “[But] no, you didn’t reach out. Look at our text history.”

“Okay, I’m going to be honest with you,” Jeff continued. “I was a little shocked when I found out you had a baby. You were kind of the last person on earth I thought, at this stage, would have a child.”

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“Were you offended that I didn’t tell you that I was having one because I saw you two days before?” Andy asked. “I thought maybe you thought, ‘Well that’s an a**hole move.’ I thought maybe you were upset with me because I didn’t share that piece of news with you.”

After admitting to having a big mouth, Jeff said he understood why Andy didn’t reveal his son’s then-upcoming birth to him in advance. Then, Jeff told Andy he was surprised to hear that he would be welcoming a child as a single man. In response, Andy said the experience has been freeing and added that he has no one to argue with when it comes to making decisions for his child.

Flipping Out aired its 11th season last year and has yet to be renewed.

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