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Real Housewives of New Jersey

RHONJ’s Caroline Manzo Slams “Narcissistic” Teresa Giudice for ‘Never Taking Responsibility’ and Having “No Moral Compass,” Fires Back at “Rat” Claim and Explains Why She Made Prediction, Plus Teresa Responds

RHONJ's Caroline Manzo Slams Teresa Giudice's 'Rat' Comment and Explains Her Prediction Regarding Her and Joe's Legal Issues, Plus Slams Teresa for Slander and Labels Her Delusional

Caroline Manzo is opening up about the comments Teresa Giudice made against her during her recent Bravo TV special, Joe and Teresa Unlocked.

While appearing on her son Albie’s podcast this week, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member reacted to Teresa suggesting to host Andy Cohen that Caroline ratted her and Joe Giudice out to the feds before explaining why she predicted the couple’s legal issues years ago.

“It’s not even worth me responding to. Of course [I didn’t rat them out]. I have no knowledge of anything they’ve ever done in their life,” Caroline said on Dear Albie on October 29.

According to Caroline, she didn’t watch Sunday night’s special, despite Andy suggesting she do so when she texted him to see if Teresa was referring to her as a “rat” after Bravo dropped a sneak peek last week. However, after hearing what Teresa said about her, she felt that “enough is enough” and decided to offer a response.

“I’m at that point with [Teresa] because I have heard over the years that she has slandered me numerous times on her live show, numerous times to people that just go up to her on the street, in the press, on the reunion. This is not the first time she’s made this claim. Those are big words. Very big words,” Caroline explained.

While Teresa said on Sunday’s RHONJ special that Caroline “maybe” turned her and Joe in, Caroline told listeners on Tuesday that when she predicted the Giudices would end up in prison and Teresa would end up filing for divorce, their legal issues were already in the press. She then explained why she made that prediction.

“I’m just insightful… I know the nature of the beast,” she said. “I can read people very well. I know her personality. I know who she is. She has a narcissistic personality. I understand that. I’ve had people in my life with that same condition. I get it. I see through her.”

Caroline also said she would have never turned Teresa and Joe in.

“I’m not one person to throw lobs at people that will have collateral damage to other people that are innocent around it. So I would never do that. I never have and I never will,” she noted.

While Caroline hasn’t seen or spoken to Teresa “in five and a half years,” she did send her a text when her mother passed to say she was “very sorry for [her] loss.”

Also on Sunday’s show, Teresa labeled Caroline and her family “crooked,” which Caroline said was Teresa’s attempt at “grasping at straws.”

“I have a husband that has been busting his a** for the past 40 years,” she explained. “Working 16 hour days six days a week at almost 60-years-old. We just paid off our mortgage. We did it the old fashion way. With a 20-year loan and by blood, sweat, and tears.”

“She claims that she doesn’t live like [us]. She’s right,” Caroline added. “We couldn’t be more opposite and that pleases me. It’s just the irony of that whole statement is not lost on me… I think she’s delusional.”

Caroline also felt that Teresa’s ego got out of control after her legal troubles started as it became a major storyline on the show and she started getting more attention. She went on to add that Teresa surrounds herself with ‘yes men’ who are scared to tell her the truth.

“She’s got this false sense that she controls the show and who she deems acceptable to be on the show stays on the show and who she doesn’t leaves the show,” shared Caroline. “It was my decision to leave the show. All it takes is a phone call for me to go back to it. Not interested. She is just so abrasive and she has no moral compass.”

Caroline then called out Teresa on her inability to take responsibility for her actions.

“It’s her personality. She’s never going to change. She cannot be culpable in her mind for anything. She cannot take responsibility for anything. Everything is always done to her. She is never the one that delivers the blow. It’s always poor me,” stated Caroline, before going on to advise that Teresa should focus on being a good example for her children, which she says is “more important than the cover of any magazine, any press, or any bank account.”

Meanwhile, Teresa seemingly responded to Caroline’s diss just moments ago as she shared a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption: “Unbothered.”

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