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Real Housewives of New York City

RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Her Return to Reality TV, Says Being a ‘Housewife’ Made it Hard to Get Taken Seriously as a Professional

RHONY's Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Her Return to Reality TV, Says Being a 'Housewife' Made it Hard to Get Taken Seriously as a Professional

The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is giving details about the two new TV shows she has in production and spilling on what it takes to balance everything she has going on in her life these days.

She may not be a Bravo housewife anymore, but Bethenny’s days on TV are far from over. As was previously reported, the reality star has recently partnered with Mark Burnett and announced she’d be involved both on and off-camera on two new TV shows.

“We’re in like, legal paper stage for two shows that I’m partnering with Mark Burnett on — one that I would be in, that would focus on me and a lot of the business aspects of myself and the next stage of my life,” Bethenny spilled while serving as guest co-host on ET. “And the other one, I’m not in. I’m just producing it.”

“But both of them were my ideas,” the 49-year-old reality star continued of the new shows. “They’re my execution, so it’s amazing to be able to take the next step in television. And, Mark Burnett is another level — I’ve met my match! I’ve met my match romantically [with boyfriend Paul Bernon], and I’ve met my match, creatively, business-wise and [in] television with Mark Burnett.”

While Bravo fans watched Bethenny’s Skinny Girl brand grow into the successful business it is today on RHONY, not all people in the business world have taken her seriously, including some of those she worked with while on ABC’s Shark Tank as a “Guest Shark.”

“The network and the production company looked at me like a housewife and like I wouldn’t be able to keep up,” explained Bethenny as she recalled her time on the show. “They said, ‘You know these are very serious business people?’ and I said, ‘Uhhh, OK. I’ve been on the cover of a small magazine called Forbes. I might be able to hang, too.’”

As fans already know, Bethenny surprised everyone when she announced she’d be leaving RHONY back in August. And while being on the show made her a household name, she does think it has hindered her in other ways.

“I do think that having been on the Housewives has brought me so many amazing gifts and such an amazing platform, but at the same [time], it’s hard to go into an arena like Shark Tank, and be taken seriously as a housewife,” the Skinny Girl mogul admitted. “I somehow always manage to get back to being the underdog. No matter what I do, I get back to being the underdog and I’m comfortable there. I like being in uncharted territory.”

But aside from producing TV shows and promoting her business, Bethenny has found time to give back with her BStrong organization relief efforts. According to the reality star, the group was able to raise “over $25 million worth of aid” and evacuate close to 900 people in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas this past August.

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