REPORT: Denise Richards Wants Footage About Alleged Hookup with Brandi Glanville Removed From RHOBH, Plus Does Brandi Have Proof of Their Affair?

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RHOBH's Denise Richards Wants Footage About Her Alleged Hookup With Brandi Glanville Removed From Show

Denise Richards is reportedly hoping to keep footage of the revelation regarding her alleged affair with Brandi Glanville that happened behind the back of her husband, Aaron Phypers, off of the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to a new report, Denise initially laughed off the claims made against her by Brandi during season 10. But now, as Brandi continues to share cryptic posts on social media, the actress “wants all of that footage taken out of the show.”

“It’s one thing for the drama to be directed or even scripted in certain situations, but to have blatantly false lies spewed as if it were fact is just wrong and shouldn’t be allowed,” an insider explained to Us Weekly on January 9.

While fans will have to wait until the new episodes begin airing later this year to see exactly what went down between Brandi and Denise, the outlet revealed that the news of their alleged months-long affair was shared during a dinner with their co-stars, during which threesomes were discussed.

“Denise shut down the conversation, because her children were in very close proximity at another table. The girls could hear everything,” a source said of Denise’s three daughters, Sam, 15, Lola, 14, and Eloise, 8. “Denise doesn’t have anything to hide. If she had a threesome, she would own it. She just didn’t think it was appropriate conversation with the girls present.”

Although the insider suggested Brandi said that in addition to her rumored one-on-one hookups with Denise, they also engaged in a threesome, the insider denied any such thing.

“Denise has only met Brandi one time prior and it was in a social setting. Denise has never been intimate with Brandi, ever,” the source added.

Meanwhile, a second source told the magazine that Brandi “never said that” Denise or Aaron had engaged in a threesome.

“She said they were trying to have a threesome with someone but she didn’t say it was with her,” the second insider explained.

As for Brandi’s supposed sexual relationship with Denise, the source went on to reveal that they supposedly hooked up on a number of occasions. At the time of their first encounter, Denise was not yet married to Aaron. During the times that apparently followed, Brandi was said to be under the impression that Denise and Aaron had an open marriage and that he was aware of their relationship.

However, according to the first source, Denise and Aaron are not in an open relationship and are “100 percent monogamous.”

“Brandi needs to provide proof that she hooked up with Denise. Text messages, dates, specifics,” the insider added.

And according to the second insider, Brandi does have the “backup” she needs to prove her case.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 will air sometime in the coming months.

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