RHOA Recap: Kenya Brings the Cookie Lady to Lunch to Confront Tanya About the Cheating Rumors

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Kenya Brings The Cookie Lady To Lunch To Confront Tanya About The Cheating Rumors!

After a two-week hiatus, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back! This week, Tanya and Kenya are both faced with the shade they have been throwing at each other and the Cookie Lady comes to lunch!

Cynthia and Eva are having lunch to discuss the hot tea that has been served. I love how these ladies actually order food at lunch. Tanya and Kenya are joining them to clear the air. Kenya comes in guns-a-blazing to read a bit**.  Kenya feels like Tanya poked the bear. She is loaded with hypocrisy over the stupid wig controversy and she is out for revenge. Kenya is a walking billboard for her brand according to her and she gives zero f**ks over her part in this mess.

Eva thinks Tanya is in over her head with this bit** fight with Kenya. Tanya, you are too good for this crap. Kenya claims wearing a wig is just a protective style. She then won’t take any criticism on how she crashed Marlo’s wig launch. When Tanya brings that up, she is called a c**t by Kenya! Girl, you have taken this crap too far. Just own it that you sometimes have to wear a wig, and while you are at it, own your marriage is a sham!

Kenya tries to divert the blame on to Cynthia for bringing the cookie lady around in the first place. Wait! Are you kidding me right now? The cookie lady walks into the restaurant with cookies literally in slow motion to play into this production infused drama?

Shiana, aka “Cookie lady,” sits down for lunch so Tanya can have this nasty tea shoved down her throat. This lady is a messy piece of work coming in like she is all that! Kenya loves an opportunity to burst someone else’s bubble when they are happy.  She thinks that it’s very important news that when Paul met this woman a bar, he allegedly told her he was single! This thirsty lady who is NOT more gorgeous than Tanya obviously wanted camera time and doesn’t have any credibility. Eva just wants this piece of work to just leave her cookies and take her messy a** home.

Porsha and Dennis are going to counseling with Dr. Sheree because they are back together. Why, why, why? She is impressed since he has been eating crow and God only knows what else by meeting with her family. Dennis looks totally unaffected by Porsha’s pain. He says, “I can’t read her mind.” Listen, buddy, all she wants is you to stop being a player! It is not mind reading — it is common sense!  Dennis is still up to his old tricks even now so his participation in this sham of therapy is all smoke and mirrors.

Kenya and Marc are planning the “The Black Man Lab,” which is a charity for mentoring young black men. He is totally on autopilot and he acts like she isn’t even in the room. He might as well have been talking to himself.   She says she can’t interrupt him when he is on a roll. I can’t believe she tolerates this crap from him. Marc can barely conceal his contempt for Kenya and their interactions are unbelievably awkward. No wonder she tries to tear down other people’s relationships since she is miserable in hers.

Cynthia goes to LA to check up on Mike and make sure he is still all in. The two lovebirds are happy to see each other. Cynthia tries to tell Mike about all of the ridiculous drama. His eyes literally roll back into his head. He can’t believe the childish behavior and thinks instead of tea being served, these ladies need juice boxes and cookies. Agreed!

Kandi and Todd are designing the nursery for the new baby. Todd just doesn’t want any “hood daycare colors” for the nursery. I didn’t realize Home Depot had that line of colors? They discuss Kandi’s upcoming acting auditions. Production shows clips of her previous acting gigs. She has had an impressive career.

Kandi mentions her mom thinks Riley needs to be looked out for. Mama Joyce thinks she will be lost in the shuffle. They play the whole Kandi montage of Mama Joyce with her famous line of “Kandi took a lemon (Todd) and made lemonade.” She is still trying to meddle in their personal business so nothing has changed there. Mama Joyce is like the grim reaper — she is always lurking in the shadows…

We go back to Cynthia and Mike in LA and there is a get together for all of his mostly female friends. Why doesn’t he have many guy friends when he is a sportscaster and in a male-dominated industry? Great question! He claims he is really picky about his friends. That is really suspiciously doubtful. He just likes to be surrounded by a harem attractive women. RUN, Cynthia!

Mike is writing a tell-all book about his life. He will be sharing basically deets on his player days. You know there should be a red flag when friends are surprised he is settling down. His friends claim she got the ring because she got down on her knees and not in a religious sense! The fact that this comment was made in front of his daughter is messed up. Kayla, Mike’s daughter, looks extremely uncomfortable with this racy talk. Cynthia is confident he got the player out of his system. Time will tell.

Kayla gets upset when Mike mentions his past relationships. Mike says he has never been in love in past relationships. This didn’t need to be said in front of his daughter. Not cool at all. Kayla puts her head down while crying. She is literally sobbing over what Mike has said. Cynthia thinks blending families is tough. Preach! Maybe he shouldn’t diss her mom while in her presence and on TV? Kayla didn’t sign up for this crap and is left sobbing in her room.

Nene is was missing in action again, probably because she is looking for legal advice and is upset she is getting a bad edit! Please tell me in the comments if you even missed her? I didn’t, and apparently Andy Cohen won’t either since he is cleaning the Bravo houses and firing the OGs!

Next week, we are heading to Nene’s jungle-themed event where even the invitation has underlying nastiness and Eva is having contractions. Things are going to start getting really nasty between Nene and Kenya! Hold on for this crazy ride!