Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix On Why She Was “Grossed Out” and “Sickened” by Jax Taylor’s Insults About Her Relationship With Tom Sandoval, Addresses Claim of Cast’s Homes Looking Too Similar

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Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix On Why She Was "Grossed Out" and "Sickened" by Jax Taylor's Insults About Her Relationship With Tom Sandoval, Addresses Claim of Cast's Homes Looking Too Similar

Ariana Madix wasn’t happy to hear about an interview Jax Taylor did last month.

After listening to her Vanderpump Rules co-star suggest that she and boyfriend Tom Sandoval are nothing more than “glorified roommates” who he believes are “not compatible” during an appearance on The Daily Dish podcast, Ariana admitted to being “grossed out” before defending her and Tom’s relationship and reacting to claims of having identical homes with their co-stars.

“I was really grossed out. I was kind of sickened,” Ariana stated during her own interview with The Daily Dish podcast.

During Jax’s interview, he said Ariana and Sandoval wouldn’t last because they want different things and suggested Tom was secretly hoping Ariana would change her mind about not wanting marriage or kids. And before that interview, Jax also insinuated that Ariana, who is openely bisexual, was against getting married because she was a secret lesbian.

“I’ve never felt that [I had to defend my relationship to] any of our friends. It’s just in that group of people. It’s so weird,” Ariana said in response to Jax’s comments. “I’m like, ‘Do y’all know us?’ I see these people all the time. I talk to them all the time but then they’re saying things that sound like they don’t know who I am at all.”

Just as Jax struggles to understand the relationship between Ariana and Tom, Ariana is struggling to understand the relationship between Tom and Jax.

“Given the crazy ups and downs and the general manner in which they interact, [I’m surprised at how long it’s lasted],” she said. “I’ve never seen Tom be like, ‘I’m having a bad day, I’m gonna talk to my friend Jax.’ As an outsider, I never quite understood.”

During the debut episode of Pump Rules, fans watched as Sandoval and Jax butted heads over their new homes. During the episodes that have aired in the weeks since, several members of the show have been accused of having identical homes in the same neighborhood. However, according to Ariana, her and Tom’s home didn’t look like anyone else’s when they bought it.

As fans well know, it was Ariana and Tom who were first to buy their $2 Million Valley Village home.

“We looked at so many houses in every single area of L.A. We went through every neighborhood, every kind of house, and we were like, ‘No, this is what’s going to work for us. This is what we want.’ We did a lot of the leg work,” Ariana revealed.

“We all have such different styles so when all is said and done, [the homes are going to look different],” she continued.

Also during the interview, Ariana revealed she and newbie Dayna Kathan “talk everyday” before confirming she’s a fan of Scheana Marie‘s new romance with Brock Davies.

“I’m obsessed. He’s so nice. He’s so funny [and] he’s so friendly,” she revealed.

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