Scheana Shay Explains Why Her New Home Isn’t Being Shown on Vanderpump Rules, Offers Update on Relationship With Brett Caprioni After ‘Bad Kisser’ Diss

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Scheana Shay Explains Why Her New Home Hasn't Been Shown on Vanderpump Rules, Offers Update on Relationship With Brett Caprioni After 'Bad Kisser' Diss

Scheana Shay is explaining why the new home she purchased last year hasn’t been featured on Vanderpump Rules  plus she’s opening up about where she stands today with co-star Brett Caprioni, who dissed her as a “bad kisser” on the premiere episode of season eight.

The longtime reality star spoke about a recent run-in she had with Brett, which resulted in a four-hour chat.

“I ran into him at my friend Savannah’s event.. and I was like, ‘What are you doing here?'” Scheana recalled during a February 13 interview with TooFab. “I had not seen him since the Vanderpump Dog Gala. He’s like, ‘Oh, I know Savannah.’ I was like, ‘I know Savannah!’ I was like, ‘What are you doing right now? Do you wanna go get a drink? Because I feel like we should talk.'”

After Brett agreed to get drinks with Scheana, the two of them talked for four hours and got to a “really good place.”

According to Scheana, she decided to give Brett a pass on his “bad kisser” diss.

“There was a lot going on for him last year,” she explained.

During the same episode, Scheana was slammed by Brett’s fellow newbie, Max Boyens, who told Brett she was “boy crazy” after dating her for a month before filming began.

Throughout the season thus far, Scheana’s past love life and catty behavior towards Dayna Kathan at SUR have been at the forefront of the series and while Scheana was hesitant to complain about her portrayal, she did admit to being disappointed by the season.

“For the last three years I feel like you see me at SUR and with a boy. The only thing that changes is the style of the SUR dress and the boy. And there’s just so much more to my life,” she shared. “Since my divorce, I have been through so much and I’ve grown so much. So it’s just kinda disappointing that fans don’t get to see all of my life.”

In other Scheana news, she recently explained why her $725,000 Palm Springs, CA home hasn’t yet been featured on Pump Rules.

After a fan on Twitter suggested she was the first cast member to buy a home in 2019, Scheana revealed it was actually Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix who led the cast’s home-buying extravaganza with their $2 million home purchase before explaining why she hasn’t yet filmed at the vacation property.

“Tom and Ariana were first. I believe I closed escrow second. Not that it matters. However, I don’t live in my house. It’s a [vacation] house in Palm Springs with a strict HOA. But thank you!!! ♥️,” tweeted Scheana, implying her HOA rules might not allow for filming in her home.

Scheana Marie Explains Why Palm Springs Home Hasn't Been Seen on Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules season eight airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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