Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval Opens Up About Fight With Jax Taylor Over His Pastor, Slams “Vindictive” Co-Stars and Admits This Season’s Edit Has Been ‘a Little Rough’

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Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval Opens Up About Fight With Jax Taylor Over His Pastor, Admits This Season's Edit Has Been 'a Little Rough' and Slams 'Vindictive' Co-Stars

Tom Sandoval is opening up about his dramatic fight with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright during Tuesday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

After feuding with the couple over the man they initially chose to officiate their June 2019 wedding, Sandoval admitted to being surprised by their reaction to his concerns, which included threats of physical violence from Brittany, before dishing on his “rough” season eight edit and taking aim at the vindictive behavior of his co-stars.

“If I would have known it was going to get that reaction, I don’t know if I would have brought it up but these are the things that you do as a friend. These are things that I would expect from my friends, and vice versa,” Sandoval explained to Us Weekly on February 18.

According to Sandoval, he was hoping to get some sort of tangible explanation about why Jax and Brittany seemingly turned a blind eye to her childhood pastor’s anti-LGBTQ posts on social media until being contacted by Lisa Vanderpump.

“Nothing had really been talked about with them at all. Nobody knew anything. And I was definitely not the only one who was curious about that subject matter. I felt very strongly about the way I felt about that situation,” he explained.

Throughout the eighth season of Pump Rules, Sandoval has been painted as a villain and feels he’s gotten a bad edit.

“The edit has been a little rough for me,” Sandoval shared. “Even watching my conversation with Beau, which was a 45-minute conversation, I’m just calmly talking to him and then all of the sudden I’m yelling out of nowhere. Seems kind of weird, right?”

“It’s frustrating because I feel like people kind of gang up and they just have people walking around saying like, ‘I can’t stand to see anybody successful.’ ‘I can’t stand to not have the attention on me.’ They call me ‘egotistical.’ They call me ‘jealous.’ It’s crazy to me,” he continued.

Because Sandoval’s co-stars have known him for over a decade, he believes they used their knowledge about who he is to target him during season eight.

“They know purposefully what will hurt my feelings, what will bother me and that feels a little vindictive… to know that you are insecure about something and that it is something you stand against completely and then to have someone really go after that,” he explained.

As for why his Pump Rules co-stars have seemingly turned against him, Sandoval said their behavior was likely due to anger.

“People get angry and they get reactive. I don’t know. Why did I send that text? I was stressed out. I was emotional. I had a few drinks,” he admitted.

Sandoval went on to say that while he and Jax are definitely “cool” and “cordial,” they aren’t as close as they once were because that isn’t what Jax wants.

“This is something that’s Jax’s choice. [The door] is sort of [open for me],” he said.

Sandoval then said he feels sorry for Jax, who continues to take aim at his relationship with Ariana Madix all while acting normal to his face.

“I saw [Jax] two days [after he slammed our relationship]. He came into TomTom and gave me a high-five. So I’m like, ‘There you go,’” he recalled. “I think Jax does things, a lot of the time, to get a reaction… or because he’s mad at me. So he’s going to discredit me as much as possible.”

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