Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Accuses Tom Sandoval of Discriminating Against Ariana’s Brother Jeremy Madix at TomTom, See Jax’s Shocking Tweets as Tom Blasts Jax as a ‘Whiney B***h’

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Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Accuses Tom Sandoval of Discriminating Against Ariana's Brother Jeremy Madix at TomTom, See Jax's Shocking Tweets as Tom Blasts Jax as a 'Whiney B***h'

Jax Taylor went on a rant against his former best friend, Tom Sandoval, on Twitter last night and made a stunning accusation against him.

Amid the new episode of Vanderpump Rules, which saw Sandoval and girlfriend Ariana Madix in Kentucky for Jax and Brittany Cartwright‘s wedding, Jax accused Sandoval of discriminating against Jeremy Madix at TomTom and suggested Sandoval is only nice when cameras are rolling as Sandoval clapped back at Jax by slamming him as a “little whiney b***h.”

“How about the fact that Jeremy, Ariana’s brother can’t work at Tom Tom because tom said, he doesn’t have the right look… are you f**king kidding me? What look do you need to have? This is how you treat your girlfriend’s brother?” Jax wrote in a since-deleted tweet on March 10.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Claims Tom Sandoval Won't Hire Jeremy Madix at TomTom Because of His Looks

Hours later, Jax vowed to “go ham” at the Pump Rules reunion in another since-deleted tweet.

Jax Taylor Threatens to Go Ham at Vanderpump Rules Reunion

“Btw the only time [Sandoval] does anything nice for anyone is during filming,” Jax continued.

According to Jax, he hasn’t spoken to Sandoval or Ariana since he and Brittany tied the knot in June of last year and feels they are only out for attention.

“I haven’t talked to him once since the wedding nor Ariana. Perfect example of people just looking for attention. Good friend? He only cares about how he looks, let’s not get things twisted,” he shared.

Jax Taylor Claims Tom Sandoval is Only Nice for Vanderpump Rules Cameras

Looking back on his wedding, Jax said that while he chose to give Sandoval a second chance after he put him on blast for failing to promptly fire his pastor after his controversial posts were exposed, he regrets having both Sandoval and Ariana at his nuptials.

“Only regret I have in my life is [having] those two individuals at my wedding. Other than that it was perfect,” he revealed.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Regrets Having Sandoval and Ariana at Wedding

While Sandoval didn’t react to Jax’s posts about his supposed attention-hungry behavior and wedding regrets, he did say that Jax’s claim about his alleged refusal to hire Jeremy at TomTom was untrue.

“When people talk sh*t about u and don’t @ u, or the people they r talking about..(Jeremy Madix) it should tell u a lot about who they r, and what they r saying… [Jax Taylor] stop posting fiction, get a hobby, & get off my nuts, u little whiny b***h,” he tweeted.

Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval Accuses Jax Taylor of Lying About Him Not Hiring Jeremy Madix

In response, Jax shared another tweet in which Jeremy was tagged and questioned Ariana’s brother about what he had reportedly told him about Sandoval and TomTom.

“[Jeremy Madix] did you not say this to me at dinner the other day? Kind of a random thing to make up, guess will just see at the reunion. Or asking him for 1 percent of his start up because he lived in your apartment and paid rent. Wow, yeah you’re a good friend all right,” Jax wrote.

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