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Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra Judge Reveals Her RHOC Season 1 and 2 Salary and Explains Why She ‘Feels Hurt’ by Show’s Producers, Shares Worst Criticism She Received From Fans and Claims Show Went Downhill After Heather Dubrow’s Exit

Tamra Judge Reveals Her RHOC Season 1 and 2 Salary and Explains Why She 'Feels Hurt' by Show's Producers, Shares Worst Criticism She Received From Fans and Claims Show Went Downhill After Heather Dubrow's Exit

Tamra Judge looked back on her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County while appearing on Vicki Gunvalson‘s podcast.

As Tamra and Vicki spoke about their many years on the Bravo series, Tamra revealed her salary for the first and second seasons of the show before explaining how she was hurt by her producers, opening up about the worst criticism she’s received from fans, and suggesting RHOC went downhill after Heather Dubrow‘s exit.

“You know how much I made my first year? $7,000. I think [my second season] I made $50,000,” Tamra revealed on Whoop It Up with Vicki. “For me, I was smart. I knew from… probably after I got divorced that it was up to me to continue my income. I wasn’t going to be on the show forever, I knew I wasn’t, so I set myself up. I saved a lot, started CUT Fitness, [and] started Vena CBD.”

In an interview last month, Tamra stated she was earning $1.2 million a season before she was let go from the show.

While Tamra has no regrets when it comes to her time on RHOC, she admitted to feeling extremely hurt after a number of people she used to work with failed to reach out after her ex-husband Simon Barney‘s stage three throat cancer diagnosis was confirmed.

“What really, really, really hurt me is when Simon gave his interview to People magazine about his cancer and how severe it was, not one person from production reached out to me,” Tamra shared. “And I’m talking people that I’ve worked with for 12 years, people in the office, they have my number.”

Andy Cohen reached out to Tamra after Simon’s cancer reveal, as well as producers Doug and Alex.

“But there are so many people that I’ve worked with that never, ever reached out. And that to me just went, ‘Wow, I never meant anything to them.’ That was kind of harsh. That bums me out,” she admitted.

“Steve had said we were a commodity and our shelf life was over,” Vicki noted.

After confirming she has no regrets, Tamra said she wishes viewers saw more of her life as a mom on RHOC and says messages from fans calling her a bad mom were very hurtful.

“They didn’t see me as a mom because my ex wouldn’t sign. So, they didn’t really see that part of my life, except for when the kids were really little and Simon was on the show. That kind of bummed me out,” Tamra explained. “There was a lot of stuff out there, like, ‘You’re a horrible mom.’ No, none of that happened. I’m a total homebody. People don’t see that.”

Tamra went on to say that when it comes to the RHOC cast, her favorite was the season 11 cast, which included Heather, Vicki, Shannon Beador, Meghan King Edmonds, Kelly Dodd, and herself.

”To me, the best cast we had is [when] Heather was on the show… I think it was season 11, I thought that was an amazing cast. I always thought that Heather was good TV,” Tamra shared.  “I think ever since they got rid of her I feel like it went downhill a little bit.”

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