PHOTOS: See Pics of PK and Dorit Kemsley’s $6.5 Million Home, Plus She Addresses the Home Only Being in Her Name and Shuts Down Haters Over Finances

by Cynthia Cook

PHOTOS: See Pics of PK and Dorit Kemsley's $6.5 Million Home, Plus She Addresses the Home Only Being in Her Name and Shuts Down Haters Over Finances

Dorit Kemsley and husband PK Paul “PK” Kemsley are here to set the record straight about their finances plus see photos of inside the couple’s $6.5 million home below!

The subject of their money was definitely a hot topic during season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, with housewives like Camille Grammer poking at what she perceived to be a financial house of cards on which the couple built their lives.

The topic of Dorit and PK’s finances came up again during the April 22 episode of RHOBH, as the couple settled into their new $6 million home as Dorit was asked about the home being only in her name.

“I know it doesn’t fit into the narrative that the press are trying to tell that we have no money. But it’s public record,” Dorit stated. “What difference does that make [if the house is in my name]? I mean, is your house in both yours and your wife’s name?”

The episode showed off the couple’s 9000 square foot home, a “modern farmhouse” with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a movie theater, a “dream kitchen,”  and a giant backyard with a pool.

Although Dorit noted to PK in the April 22 episode that the closet is “a big issue” for her, PK promised he would provide an “upgrade” if she truly wanted it (which of course she does — where else to house all those fabulous looks?).

Check out detailed photos of their home below:

During the time of filming for season 10, there were headlines happening around Dorit’s finances in connection with husband PK’s legal issues.

“It’s terrible, particularly [because] it comes from a period of time [when] I didn’t even know you. I’m sorry. It upsets me,” PK said to Dorit in the episode. “I’m just embarrassed that you have to read it. That’s all.”

“The really funny thing is that this has nothing to do with me and I’m somehow in the middle of it, which is OK because we go through life together,” Dorit responded.

During the episode, PK explained how he grew his fortune, with Dorit explaining how he turned his business into being worth almost $2 billion.

“I got a job as a real estate broker for a firm that had very posh clients so he wanted me to go to elocution lessons,” he shared. “I had a natural flair for identifying buildings with value. I had an instinct on it and that instinct came through very, very early.”

PK noted how his business “had a good run,” but then everything turned “upside down” in the 2008 “credit crunch,” claiming he was “a little better off than broke” when he first met Dorit.

Dorit also noted in the RHOBH premiere episode that her Beverly Beach lawsuit was settled, hopefully leaving the couple’s financial woes behind them for good.

In a cheeky post on her Instagram, Dorit posted a snippet from their interview together on the show, captioning the post, “We were ‘mint’ to be together,” including the hashtags “#thekemsleys” and “#stfu already ✌????”

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/MEGA