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Denise Richards Agrees With Fan Who Condemns “Nasty” and “Petty” RHOBH Cast, Plus See a Sneak Peek of RHOBH’s Return and Live Viewing Thread!

Denise Richards Agrees With Fan Who Condemns "Nasty" and "Petty" RHOBH Cast, Plus See a Sneak Peek of RHOBH's Return and Live Viewing Thread!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are getting ready for all the upcoming Denise Richards drama as the show makes its return from a three-week hiatus.

While gearing up for the conflict to come, many RHOBH followers already took to Twitter to air out their concerns for Denise, condemning the other women for being “mean girls” and coming too hard for her.

“I think they have forgotten that you can have fun and be [entertaining] without being mean, nasty and petty,” one user commented, responding to an original tweet that called the women out for their discussion about threeways near Denise’s kids.”I want to see fashion, beautiful places and privileged people giving back, as well as having fun and making me laugh!”

Denise then responded to all the above tweets by simply saying, “I agree thank you.”

We’ve seen a bit how the “mean girls” and the controversy surrounding Denise will play out for the rest of the season, but another sneak peek gives a little more of what’s to come tonight as the series makes its long-awaited return to our screens.

In the clip, we pick up where we left off at the party at Kyle Richards‘ house, where Denise and husband Aaron Phypers became fed up with the dinner conversation and made a dramatic exit.

“This group tends to hold onto things,” Lisa Rinna reminds Denise and Aaron in the clip, commenting on the ladies’ lingering frustration around Denise’s “mom-shaming” behavior regarding their sex talk around her kids.

“Well, move onto something else, because I’m not the one to do that with,” Denise responds.

Meanwhile, back at the BBQ, Kyle vents to the other women about Denise and Aaron, calling out the couple for their seemingly aggressive behavior.

“She was feeling weird, brought him, gave him the heads up about Santa Barbara and he was ready to pounce like a f–king leopard on a rock,” the RHOBH OG declares. “And he can go f–k off!”

RHOBH Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s new episode, so feel free to comment and chat below as the new episode airs at 9/8c tonight on Bravo TV!

Photos Credit: Vince Flores/, Bravo


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