RHOP Recap: Monique Files Charges Against Candiace and Wendy Confronts Karen

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOP Recap: Monique Countersues Candiace and Wendy Confronts Karen about her comments

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac,  Monique makes a decision to file charges against Candiace. How will this new development affect the dynamic of this group? We will have to wait until the final moments of the episode. UGH, let’s get on with it!

I must forewarn everyone that the episode starts really slow and then builds up to what we came for. Be patient with the scenes about Candiace singing and Robyn pushing her ball caps — it gets there.

I love the opening scene when Milani is helping Monique pass out ads for her podcast. She tells people that, “Mommy is tired so she is doing a podcast!” #Precious. Wendy is cold calling people to get out the vote. You can tell she is passionate about exercising your right to vote. Agreed, it is very important.

Mmmm, mmmm, what is that humming coming from Candiace’s house? There were ducks scurrying around outside that looked alarmed. Candiace is getting voice lessons from her friend Cliff. You know that she and Cliff went to Howard University, right? Candiace mentions Howard as much as Wendy mentions four degrees! Sorry, I digress, she is just working on fine tuning her vocal instrument.

Gizelle arrives at the tea room in some sort of ugly furry vest over a tank top with flip flops. Robyn arrives pursuant to Gizelle’s instructions looking rather cute in her jumpsuit. Gizelle and Robyn are going to kiki about Karen before she gets there. She thinks that Karen is hurting over what is happening with Ray and needs her support. Why does Gizelle think that we believe for one moment that her intentions are pure?

Karen arrives all bedazzled and looking nonplussed about coming to tea with these two green-eyed bandits. Gizelle greets Karen like she is her dear, dear frenemy. Karen is no fool. She knows what she is walking into with these two. Gizelle can’t even get Robyn’s business name right. Embezzled instead of Embellished? Robyn is going to have a photoshoot and wants to invite everyone sans Monique. Can’t wait! It sounds like fun a total snore!

Karen, who I love for this, goes in for Robyn’s little tax issues. She claims she doesn’t believe everything she reads and would like her take on the situation. Robyn has to remain silent on the issue, but when Karen was faced with their questions about Ray’s finances, they were all judgmental about her remaining silent. Very hypocritical.

Gizelle then shares the tea that Wendy said about Ray’s financial issues. Karen is a bit taken aback that Wendy is being shady about something she shared during a kiki moment. She doesn’t want to accept any advice from Dr. Wendy and I LOVE how she acts all calm, cool, and collected when Gizelle shares this.

Karen then defends calling Wendy ignorant by saying she is lacking the credentials to medically evaluate Monique’s medical condition. She thinks since she has a Ph.D. that she can diagnose anything. Karen then imitates how Wendy slinked into the room and tried to take over the conversation. Hi-lar-i-ous!

Wendy is chatting with Kruz and Karter about how important integrity is. She is trying to instill good values in her children. Wendy wants them to be their own people and not have the pressure to succeed like she did. She is still smarting over Karen calling her ignorant. Wendy then gives us a montage of her academic achievements AGAIN in her ITM. You can tell our Grande Dame really pushed some sensitive buttons on Dr. Wendy by calling her ignorant!

Side note: I find it amusing that Wendy doesn’t want to force her children into academic achievement submission but her actions prove otherwise. Remember, when they need a moment, she locks them in the room with her diplomas on the wall? Actions are stronger than words, Dr. Wendy!

Ashley is having a session with Dr. Donna. They discuss the couple’s therapy session and how she felt about it. Ashley thinks their differences come from her not feeling very sexy. She views herself differently now that she has Dean. Ashley admits that motherhood has basically changed her identity.

Dr. Donna asks Ashley some questions and the answers are concerning. She admits to being depressed and is struggling. Ashley feels like she is in a baby fog brought on by sleep deprivation. She admits that she needs a vacation and Dr. Donna wants her to take some time to regroup.

Candiace is really getting some screen time this episode. She is having a session with Chucky. Candiace claims he loves her version of “I see you,” which Chris sent to him. The remix version is definitely better than the original IMO. In her turbie twist ITM look, Candiace does this thing of talking about herself in third person that is frankly obnoxious. Chucky asks Candiace to sign with his label. She is brought to tears over hearing this. Candiace toasts with champagne in plastic cups with Chucky.

In our next scene, Monique is holding baby Chase in the kitchen chatting with our beloved T’Challa. I love when Monique asks little Christopher, “Where is Daddy?”and he says, “He is pooping.” You have got to love the honesty of kids. Monique is concerned about potentially being arrested in front of her children. She just wants the opportunity to tell her side of the story to a judge. Chris is very solemn these days and is helping Monique get their kids ready for school. I don’t know about you all but I’ve noticed Chris doesn’t seem like himself. You can tell all of this stuff is weighing on him too. I don’t like to see him so sad, I love Chris. SIGH.

Gizelle is getting work done on her house and Ashley comes over to see the house. Ashley doesn’t recognize Gizelle with her cootchie hair on her head. LOL. Ashley shares that she is worried about where her relationship with Michael is headed. Gizelle agrees that men’s egos need to be stroked at all times and other parts of their anatomy as well. I am looking at you, Jamal and Michael! Ashley is planning a getaway with the other ladies. Gizelle doesn’t want Monique to come. No surprise there.

Robyn is having her event for her not so original line that has to be one of her worst ideas other than marrying Juan again. She has invited the ladies to come and support her. In her ITM, Gizelle thinks Robyn has a little IRS thing for $1,200 — uh, no, $90,000. She is too self-absorbed to even know what a mess her dear friend Robyn is in.

Gizelle has to, of course, tell Wendy everything Karen said about her. She even demonstrates how she walked like her. Wendy is waiting on Miss Karen, aka her hater, to arrive now so she can clear the air with her. Candiace arrives at the hat event and they begin the photoshoot. I have to say these ladies are really a beautiful group of women. They all look fantastic in their shots.

Ashley is excited to share with the ladies the location for the production planned ladies’ trip. When she shows the flag for Portugal, there are mostly crickets around Robyn. Ding, ding, ding, Wendy gets it right! Boy do those four degrees come in handy! Wendy also wants to get it right with Miss Karen. Miss Karen seems to see this coming and is like bring it on.

Did Wendy just say that she doesn’t brag about her four degrees? She actually has another Ph.D. in bragging. Production shadily shows how that it is factually incorrect. Wendy won’t let Karen even respond. Karen doesn’t like her hint of funk. I like that Karen — you go, girl. She has the best defense for her lack of degrees. Karen has the spirit of entrepreneurship and the God given gift of common sense. BOOM, Wendy is meeting the Grande Dame of Potomac right now! Karen succinctly surmises in her ITM that Auntie G is deflecting right now. She wants to take the huge spotlight on her and Jamal and shine it brightly on Karen and Ray.

Karen then demonstrates her impersonation of Wendy. When they do a slithering congo line it is pricele$$. It was good to see Wendy can actually laugh at herself.

Two days later…we finally get what we came for in this episode. The headlines that Monique is countersuing Candiace. She is furious that Monique chose to take this legal path. Chris B. is trying to get Candiace to calm down and breathe. Candiace is ranting that Monique is a “rusty a*s b**ch.” In her ITM, Monique says she isn’t going to take this sitting down and is going to defend herself. This is turning into a battle of the lawsuits.  Wow, production really took their sweet time in this episode to get the storyline moving with all of this fluff.

Next week, we are finally getting a change of scenery! We are visiting Portugal! I really miss traveling. Candiace is already prepping in real time for the reunion and I am here for it! Have a wonderful week and be safe!