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Kim Zolciak Says Family Spends Thousands a Day on Glam, Plus She and Daughter Brielle Admit They Weren’t Happy With Their Appearances on This Season of Don’t Be Tardy

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Reveals She and Daughters Spend Thousands of Dollars a Day on Glam, Plus She and Daughter Brielle Admit They Weren't Happy With Their Appearances on This Season of Don't Be Tardy

Credit: Instagram

While preparing for season eight of Don’t Be Tardy, which was filmed during a six-week cross-country road trip, Kim Zolciak-Biermann admitted she brought “the entire house” with her in order to live her most glamourous life in some not-so-glamorous places.

In a new interview, the reality star shared the details of their epic trip, including how she and her glammed-up daughters, Brielle Biermann and Ariana Biermann, still tried to get gorgeous at KOA campgrounds across the nation.

“I think I packed my entire house,” Kim confessed to Entertainment Tonight. “Kroy [Biermann] thought I was maybe only gonna bring five pairs of shoes: sneakers, black heels, something, silver heels, gold heels, you’re good. No, I packed everything.”

The mother-of-six revealed she also brought a makeup artist along for the ride, although Brielle, who was present during the ET interview, noted that trying to get glam at those campgrounds was pretty rough, to say the least.

“Having to do our hair in some of the KOA bathrooms was a task,” Brielle said. “I’d be curling my hair and then there’s a huge spider right here … so, you have to either toughen up and act kind of like a dude for a second and be like, ‘Alright, f*** the bug’ and finish your hair and get out as soon as you can. Like, you had no other option at all.”

Kim added the family glam budget has gone up “a lot” since Ariana, 18, began discovering her love of makeup and started styling her hair like her older sister and mother.

“It’s a couple thousand dollars a day, for sure,” Kim said of the family’s hair and makeup budget while filming for the show. “That’s just the makeup and the styling of the hair. Not the wig itself, or the clothes.”

Brielle went on to share that she had “about $8,000 worth of hair” on her head at that moment, considering her numerous extensions.

The 23-year-old also recently dyed her blonde locks a dark brown in order to try and differentiate herself from her lookalike mom.

“Everywhere I go it’s, ‘Oh my god, you’re Kim’s daughter. Oh my god, it’s Kim’s daughter. I love her.’ I’m like, OK, well, what about me, you know? I’m on the TV show, too,” Brielle stated.

“You’re still Kim’s daughter,” Kim quipped. 

As for their oft-talked about oversized lips, the duo admitted to still loving the look of their plump pouts, although Brielle recently dissolved her fillers to correct some prior work she wasn’t happy with. Apparently, the two women were both unhappy with their appearances this season, and Kim revealed she was on steroids for an infection and it made her look “puffy.”

Brielle also shared that she couldn’t stand the sight of her enlarged lips, and she admitted to having “too many cooks in the kitchen” in terms of doctors tending to them.

“It wasn’t dissolving, nothing was happening,” she says. “They would, like, blow up and look crazy, so I found an incredible doctor in Atlanta and I asked her, what do you think? Should we take it out and start over? She’s like, ‘Yes, we don’t even have a shape anymore. Let’s just dissolve it, let’s restart.’ She has a subtle, more natural approach to the lips.”

Brielle’s little sister Ariana has not joined Brielle and her mom Kim in injecting her lips yet, but both women agree that might change soon.

“She talks about it. She wants to do it,” Kim said. 

“She’ll probably go with me on Saturday,” Brielle added. 

Don’t Be Tardy airs every Tuesday at 10/9c on Bravo.


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