Southern Charm: Thomas Ravenel’s Salary is Revealed as He Claims Kathryn Dennis is “Broke” and Only Had $11 In Her Account, Accuses Her of Drug Use Again

by Emily Campbell Comments

Ex Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel Claims Kathryn Dennis Is "Broke," Only Had $11 In Her Account And Accuses Her Of Cocaine Use Yet Again

Thomas Ravenel‘s salary is being revealed in newly uncovered court documents as the Southern Charm alum is claiming Kathryn Dennis is broke, consistently hits him up for money, and has an alleged drug habit that leaves him “terrified” when the children are in her care.

The former couple met while filming season one of Southern Charm and have been fighting publicly ever since. Their tumultuous relationship has been heavily documented on the show, along with numerous custody battles over their two children, Kensie, 6, and Saint, 5.

Thomas — who was fired from the show in 2018 after his children’s former nanny accused him of assault — is once again demanding full custody. In November 2019, he and Kathryn finally agreed to share 50/50 custody of the children after a years-long court battle, but he has clearly changed his tune.

In recent court documents obtained by The Sun, Thomas is accusing the mother-of-two of constantly being “broke,” leaving her unable to make the child support payments she was ordered to pay by the court. He claims she is supposed to pay $200 per month, but she has “never paid it consistently.” He also says the only time Kathryn was consistent with payments was when her mother was still alive because her mother was actually the one writing the checks. Kathryn’s mother sadly passed away last year.

“Money mismanagement issues have plagued Kathryn her entire life; in our first custody action, she spent tens of thousands of dollars on clothes a month, but failed to pay her water bill,” Thomas claims per the court document.

The former politician also alleges that since their last custody agreement, the reality star has “texted [him] numerous times asking for money, despite making a six-figure income” and only had $11 in the bank at one point over the summer. He says he no longer wishes to receive child support because it simply “[sets] her up to fail.”

In the court filing, Thomas provided text messages that the star allegedly sent him.

“Do you have any cash that I can have? I don’t have any money at all. I have $11. Since we can’t have a nanny with the virus can you please pay child support? I can’t work right now and I don’t have any money…,” the alleged message read.

In yet another message, Kathryn purportedly asked Thomas for “Tooth Fairy” money for Kensie.

“Hey Thomas[,] I don’t have any cash to put under Kensie’s pillow, can you please respond,” the message said.

However, in the response Kathryn filed earlier this month, she’s blaming COVID-19 for her financial struggles.

“I work on a television show and I get paid per episode. We have only shot two episodes so far this year because of [COVID],” she claims. “This has put me in a financial bind for this year and I cannot afford to finance a defense to Plaintiff’s claims or for a guardian.”

Thomas’ monthly income is $166,728 according to his financial declaration in the filing, and Kathryn is now requesting that Thomas pay for her attorney’s fees. Meanwhile, Kathryn’s listed monthly income is $5,166 with her monthly expenses totaling $3,200.

The South Carolina court records also show that Thomas is allegedly “terrified” of the reality star’s “cocaine use” and is concerned something “devastating” will happen to the kids while they’re with Kathryn. The former South Carolina State Treasurer cites claims made by a mutual friend who recently took a trip with Kathryn and her new beau, Chleb Ravenell.

“He informed me that he witnessed a lot of cocaine use during this trip and that Kathryn had left cocaine within grasp of the children, which he thought was dangerous,” Thomas claims he was told.

According to the documents, Kathryn denies using cocaine and has offered to take a drug test if Thomas “pays for it and takes one as well.”

He admits that he doesn’t want to take the kids away from their mother because he knows she “loves” them, then adds, “but I have been terrified for years that they continue to be put in harm’s way every time they are in her care.”

As we previously reported, Thomas is also alleging that their son, Saint, was previously diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome due to Kathryn’s “drug and alcohol consumption” while she was pregnant. As a result of this syndrome, Saint is supposedly struggling and falling behind in school, and the former Southern Charm star accuses Kathryn of failing to do her part in helping their son reach certain goals and milestones.

It should be mentioned that Thomas recently announced his engagement to the mother of his third child, Heather Mascoe, and the couple has previously revealed their desire to move to his $1.3 million mansion in Aiken, South Carolina, which is more than a two-hour drive from Charleston. Therefore, the move would subsequently make it rather difficult for Thomas to continue sharing 50/50 custody with Kathryn regardless of his latest allegations.

Photos Credit: Paul Cheney/Bravo