Heather Thomson Exposes Fake Storyline That Upset Her On RHONY, Talks Bethenny’s ‘Intimidating’ Season 7 Return And Teases Potential Return To Show

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Heather Thomson Exposes Fake Storyline That Upset Her On RHONY, Talks Bethenny’s “Intimidating Season 7 Return And Teases Potential Return To Show

Real Housewives of New York City alum Heather Thomson teases her return to the show, dishes on how her castmates reacted to Bethenny Frankel‘s return in season seven, and reveals a fake storyline from season six.

Heather was a main cast member on RHONY from season five through season seven and reports alleging she is making a comeback began surfacing months ago. However, as far as what role she’ll play in season 13 has yet to be confirmed.

She recently joined the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, but when asked about her return, she gave some extremely confusing answers. She was first asked about Leah McSweeney and newcomer Eboni Williams and Heather either fibbed or cryptically revealed how she feels about the RHONY stars.

“I don’t have any thoughts on either of them. Honestly, I don’t. I didn’t watch the season, so you know what I mean? No, I don’t know either of them.”

When host David Yontef called her out and mentioned photos that prove she’s met and filmed with both of the women, Heather didn’t really know how to respond, but she tried.

“When I was on Watch What Happens Live there was a lot of buzz of me coming back and I said ‘I’ll be back’ and I hold true to that,” she explained. “I have made a cameo just about every season since I left the show [and] I’ve been off the show for six years.”

It seems she will be making more than a “cameo” as the podcast host then brought up rumors that Heather will once again be a full-time apple holder and things got even more confusing. Although she claims the rumors are not true, she didn’t technically deny them either by insinuating “nobody holds an apple.”

“That I can completely confirm, that is not the case. I don’t know that I’ll ever hold an apple again. Does anyone even hold an apple anymore? I don’t think they do,” she stated.

She added after a long pause, “Well nobody holds an apple! Nobody holds an apple. Nobody holds an apple anymore,” she teased while laughing.

The New York native then dished on seasons past and revealed a fake storyline that really upset her.

Harry Dubin’s engagement to [Sonja Morgan] or whatever,” she began. “I mean, they were never getting married. It was [Ramona Singer‘s] ring that Mario’s mom had given him. I don’t know if the fans got that or not, but I remember getting mad at the producer that night cause it was [Carole Radziwill‘s] birthday party and we were spending all this time on this thing that I thought was kind of just a joke.”

Heather then discussed her worst season on the show, which happened to be the same season Bethenny returned after a three-year hiatus.

“Everything had changed from my first season to my third season, like, the women’s behavior having Bethenny back,” Heather shared. “On one level, like I said at the [season seven reunion], they weren’t excited to have her back, but the minute she showed up, they couldn’t climb up her a** fast enough or first. They were like ‘move over’ and pushing each other out of the way to climb up. She added, “it was intimidation and fear and I did not like that.”

The mother-of-two also reflected back on an incident that truly made her question the show, which was when Ramona threw a wine glass at then co-star Kristen Taekman‘s face, ultimately splitting her lip.

“A big change that happened in the franchise is you can’t assault somebody,” she declared. “That’s like a nonstarter for me, you know? You don’t sign up on a show to be assaulted. I think that’s really low brow, below the belt, [and] bad, bad, bad business.”

One of the most iconic RHONY moments was when former star Aviva Drescher removed her prosthetic leg and hurled it in Heather’s direction. When Heather was asked if she felt like Aviva assaulted her in that moment, Heather had a surprising answer.

“I did not consider that assault! Even though she threw the leg at me I did not consider that assault,” she explained. “That was pure emotion. She wasn’t trying to hit me with it, she was trying to say there take it [and] I’ll crawl out of here.” She continued by chanting, “Bring back Aviva! Bring back Aviva!”

Although The Real Housewives of New York City will premiere sometime in 2021, an official date has not been released.

Photos Credit: Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto, Bravo