Paris And Nicky Hilton Say Mom Kathy “Lied” To Them About Joining RHOBH And Reveal How They Found Out As Nicky Teases Drama Among The Cast

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Paris And Nicky Hilton Claim Mom Kathy Hilton “Lied” To Them About Joining The RHOBH And Reveal How They Found Out As Nicky Teases Recent Drama Among The Cast

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton claim their mom, Kathy Hilton, was extremely “shady” while she was in talks to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and “lied” to them about joining the show as they reveal how they found out she actually signed the contract.

Paris has admitted in the past that she’s nervous about her mom joining her aunt, Kyle Richards, on RHOBH. However, Paris’ younger sister, Nicky, is finally weighing in as the two dish on how their mother came to be a cast member.

“First of all, my mom was so shady about the whole thing,” Nicky explained on the This Is Paris podcast. “So just to give you a little background, pretty much every year this rumor surfaces — ‘Kathy Hilton’s joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ and we’re like, ‘No she’s not.’ So this year was no different [and the rumor] starts surfacing again. So my friends are like, ‘Is your mom going to be on RHOBH,’ and I’m like, ‘No! That’s total bullsh*t!’ So then I ask her, ‘Mom, are you gonna be on the show,’ and she’s like, ‘No!'”

Though she was fairly confident early on that it was just a rumor, especially since her mom initially insisted it was, Nicky began to get a bit nervous when the rumor didn’t go away this time around.

“But then, [there] starts to be more stuff, like in the New York Post and whatever, so I’m like, ‘Mom, why are they saying this,'” Nicky recalled. “‘Are you going to be on the show?’ And she goes, ‘Well they’ve asked me and I’m thinking about it, but I’m probably not gonna do it.'”

Nicky says when Kathy ultimately made the decision to accept the “friend” role, she did not share the news with her children. In fact, Paris and Nicky ultimately found out that Kathy signed the contract after receiving a phone call from a friend.

“[Paris and I] were walking down the street and our friend FaceTimes us being like, ‘Hi, I see your mom’s on Real Housewives,’ and we’re like, ‘No, that’s a rumor,'” the socialite explained. “[Our friend] is like, ‘Actually… People magazine just confirmed it.’ So, we don’t speak to [our mom] for a few days [and] we just don’t even hear from her because she just doesn’t want to hear it from us.”

“And by the way,” Nicky continued, “I’m not knocking the show. I love the show; I am a huge fan! I find it highly entertaining. I love all the girls, [like] Lisa Rinna [and] Erika Jayne. I think they’re great, but if someone were to ask me, ‘Do you want your mother being on it,’ NO!!! And the funny thing is, believe it or not, my mom’s never even seen the show, okay? She doesn’t even know what she’s getting into.”

Nicky then spilled some serious season 11 tea — something Paris didn’t even know yet — as she explained that their younger brother, Barron Hilton, heard a massive argument taking place while the ladies were filming in Kathy’s home.

“Barron told me they were filming a few weeks ago at the house — some dinner — and he could hear the shouting from his bedroom,” Nicky revealed.

Paris responded, “Great. Who, mom?”

Nicky couldn’t confirm who was behind the arguing, but there was certainly a huge dispute as she reiterated, “Barron just heard all of this shouting!”

That’s when Paris chimed in and alleged that Kathy lied to them before insisting the pandemic is to blame for their mom’s decision to finally do the show.

“My mom lied to us, pretended she wasn’t doing it, wouldn’t admit it, and there’s no way that she would ever do this if there was not a pandemic happening and she wasn’t so bored at home for the last year,” Paris insisted. “There’s no way she would have said yes, because they’ve asked her every year for like the last [11 years].”

Paris also revealed that when she was offered a role on The Simple Life in 2003, Kathy begged her not to do a “vulgar” reality show.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 will air on Bravo sometime this spring.

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