Dr. Tiffany Moon Says It Would Be “Nearly Impossible” to Return to RHOD Next Season and Explains Why She Appeared “Cranky” and “Disengaged” as Momma Dee Shades Cast, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Dr. Tiffany Moon Says It Would Be "Nearly Impossible" to Return to RHOD Next Season and Explains Why She Appeared "Cranky" and "Disengaged" as Momma Dee Shades Cast, Plus Live Viewing Thread

Dr. Tiffany Moon‘s debut season of The Real Housewives of Dallas may also be her last.

During a new interview, the anesthesiologist opened up about the struggles she faced during filming as she attempted to balance her career with her family and explained why she may have appeared to be “cranky” and “disengaged” at times.

“I missed out on a lot of time with my family during filming. That’s just the simple truth. I’m not sure if I’m willing to make that sacrifice again because it was a really hard time for me during filming,” Dr. Tiffany explained to Distractify.

In addition to being kept from her family during filming, Dr. Tiffany said viewers frequently struggled to understand her.

“As they are watching the episode, if I seem cranky or tired or disengaged, they’re not necessarily remembering that I was in the operating room for eight to ten hours that day before a dinner party,” she stated. “Sometimes, things got a little murky because I was spread too thin.”

On the show, Dr. Tiffany was open with the fact that she was struggling to maintain a healthy balance between her career and her life at home with her “incredibly supportive” husband, Daniel Moon, and their twin daughters, and looking back, she said she’s not so sure about season six.

“The conditions under which I filmed this season would not allow me to do a second season. It would be nearly impossible,” she admitted.

If Dr. Tiffany doesn’t return, she said she’s happy with the impact she had on the series’ audience during season five.

“If I have inspired and entertained, then I feel good about what I did,” she concluded.

In other RHOD news, a sneak peek at the March 9 episode of the series features D’Andra Simmons talking to her mother, Dee Simmons, about a breakdown Tiffany had during their cast trip.

“She’s feeling isolated because she’s not feeling like the girls are accepting her. She has a lot going on in her personal life,” D’Andra shares.

“She has a very stressful position,” Dee replies.

When D’Andra then tells her mom that she and her castmates “all have stressful lives” Dee shoots her down, pointing out that stress is being “responsible for saving other people’s lives.”

“I’ve tried to tell the girls that but they just keep saying, ‘We all have pressure and stress,’” D’Andra explains.

At that point, Dee says that when it comes to the other women of the show, they don’t have any room to talk about Tiffany.

“Those other girls don’t even work! When you are working outside at a job like that, you have much more stress than sitting home and shopping and buying Barbie clothes. I’m sorry. It’s called jealousy,” Dee states.

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