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Real Housewives of Atlanta

‘RHOA’ Porsha Williams Explains Why She Left Cast Trip Early, Accuses Marlo Hampton of “Clout” Chasing Behavior and Riding Nene’s “Coattail For Years”

‘RHOA’ Porsha Williams Explains Why She Left Cast Trip Early And Shades Former Friend Marlo Hampton’s “Clout” Chasing Behavior

Porsha Williams discusses the demise of her friendship with Marlo Hampton and claims her former friend is nothing but a clout chaser.

On the March 4 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo unexpectedly blew up while the ladies were having dinner in New Orleans. Hours before, Marlo and Porsha had had a heart-to-heart about their friendship and attempted to air out any unresolved issues they had regarding Marlo’s newfound friendship with Kenya Moore.

As fans likely know, Porsha felt Marlo’s friendship with Kenya was suspicious, and Marlo oddly felt like she was caught in the middle of Porsha and Kenya’s feud over whether or not the Dish Nation host actually slept with the male stripper, Bolo.

During the RHOA After Show, Porsha admitted she was completely shocked by Marlo’s behavior at the dinner because she genuinely believed they had squashed their issues.

“By the time we got to Big Freedia’s dinner, I was kind of over any negative thoughts that I had about Marlo,” she explained. “I kind of just had set it to the side because she told me, ‘You can trust me, I’m loyal to you, [and] I’m your friend,’ and I reassured her my intentions toward her [were the same]. I had no thought in my mind that it would have continued to Big Freedia’s dinner.”

As a result of the explosive dinner, Porsha left the cast trip early, which surprised her co-stars and the viewers. But, according to Porsha, she no longer felt safe around the self-proclaimed fashionista.

“We don’t know what Marlo could have done,” Porsha declared. “This girl is absolutely out of her mind. You have to understand how fast she made the switch, like, she literally was my friend hours [before], so it was really shocking to me and it was like a big sign. Like, you need to get out of here! This girl could possibly be dangerous for someone to make a switch that fast.”

She added, “[And] for Kenya? Someone who has talked so disgusting about you for years? No, no, no, no…. it was weird.”

The Bravo’s Chat Room host went on to claim that Marlo isn’t a genuine friend to anyone as she only buddies up to those who can help secure her spot on the show.

“Some people are clout chasers like that,” she snarked. “And she thought that Kenya was going to be able to ruin me, ruin my name, and bring me down. Then, she was going to go on the next most powerful thing and that’s who she thought Kenya was. [It’s the] same way she rode Nene [Leakes‘] coattail for years, okay? Years!”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 13 airs Sunday nights on Bravo at 8/7c.

Photos Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo


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