Stassi Schroeder on How Her Sex Life Changed After a Baby, Plus Vanderpump Rules Alum Confirms She Stopped Breastfeeding

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Vanderpump Rules Alum Stassi Schroeder Reveals How Sex Life Changed After Baby, Admits She and Beau Are "Very Guilty" of Not Making Time for Each Other, and Confirms She Stopped Breastfeeding

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark‘s sex life has changed substantially since they welcomed daughter Hartford in January.

During the latest episode of their new podcast, the former Vanderpump Rules star explained how her sex life, and relationship, with Beau differ now that they are parents and confirmed she is no longer breastfeeding.

“I don’t think you understand how scary it is. The thought of having sex after you’ve just birthed a human and been stitched up is so scary,” Stassi explained on the April 16 episode of The Good the Bad and the Baby.

According to Stassi, 32, she began having pain during sex amid her pregnancy and after she gave birth, she assumed she would experience the same. Luckily, it was not “as scary” as she anticipated.

“I was like, ‘That was amazing. That didn’t hurt at all,’” she recalled.

While Stassi now knows that having sex with her husband won’t cause her any pain, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be doing it too regularly. After all, their responsibilities to their three-month-old keep them quite busy.

“It is crazy that now sex has to fully be scheduled,” she admitted. “That’s a definite new parent thing. The only time we could have morning sex ever again is if we’re on vacation without our baby.”

In addition to not having time for any romantic rendezvous, Stassi and Beau are also struggling to make time for their marriage.

“It’s insane how much life changes when you have a baby and you have no time for yourself,” she shared. “Being able to get in a 30-minute workout on the treadmill and then being like, ‘Beau, can you watch her so I can shower and do my makeup so I feel human?’ and then Beau saying, ‘Okay, can you watch her so I can do A, B, C, or D.’ We then don’t have time to spend with each other.”

“We’re very, very guilty of not making time for each other,” Stassi continued. “We don’t make an effort with each other anymore.”

Prior to Hartford’s arrival, Stassi and Beau agreed they would put their relationship before the baby so they could be a good foundation for her. Months later, Stassi said she and Beau “don’t do that.”

“We need to start focusing more on our relationships so I don’t start resenting you,” Stassi told her husband. “This is how unhappiness in a relationship starts.”

In response to Stassi’s comments, Beau agreed they need to do more things together but assured her their relationship is “still good.”

During another moment of the podcast, the former Pump Rules cast member revealed that she is no longer breastfeeding her daughter.

“I know a lot of people are going to be like, ‘You’re just not trying hard enough. You have no idea how nutritious your breast milk is for your baby. You’re denying your baby.’ Well, my mental and emotional health is so much more important than the tiny ounces of breast milk I’m able to get out of my body,” she explained.

After Hartford quit latching and began favoring bottle time, Stassi began pumping but quickly began feeling “angry and depressed and isolated.” She also felt that time she spent pumping was stealing bonding moments from her and Hartford.

“I’m going to slowly stop pumping and regain control of my life because I can’t live like this. It’s making me miserable [and] I just feel like it’s better that I’m happy for my baby,” she shared.

Although Stassi has also expressed concerns over her post-baby body, Beau made it clear that he’s just as attracted to her as he’s always been.

“Yes, your body does not look how it did a year ago. I understand that. But also, you’ve changed with me. In my eyes, you’re still beautiful. You look gorgeous. Your boobs are fantastic [and I] still want you,” he told her.

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