RHOD Star Tiffany Moon Shares Warning She Gave Crystal Kung Minkoff Ahead of RHOBH Premiere, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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 RHOD Star Tiffany Moon Shares Advice She Gave “Bravo Bestie” Crystal Kung Minkoff Ahead of RHOBH Premiere, And Live Viewing Thread

Real Housewives of Dallas star Dr. Tiffany Moon is giving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff some serious advice ahead of the RHOBH premiere as the two have become close friends.

Though Tiffany has only appeared on RHOD for one season, she has already learned a lot along the way, and she’s happily sharing that information with her bestie Crystal.

The first piece of advice the anesthesiologist is giving Crystal is to remain open to her co-stars, which Tiffany admitted she failed to do when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live last month.

“I [should have opened] up to the ladies and let down my walls a little sooner,” she said of her regrets on the April 13 episode.

Another piece of advice she’s giving Crystal is to keep her fingers away from her phone while watching her own show. This is because if when her co-stars have some negative things to say, Crystal is going to be tempted to fire back and defend herself immediately. But due to her own experiences, Tiffany told her friend that’s not the way to go.

“I told her, my greatest mistake that I made is that when the show started airing and I heard some of the things that the other ladies said about things that occurred like six to eight months ago when we were filming, that my feelings got hurt and then I went on social media to sort of like air my hurt feelings and that did not go so well for any of those relationships,” Tiffany shared with E! News on May 10.

She added, “I kind of told her like if and when you hear cast members say things to you, about you, about events that happened a while back, reach out to them first and try to talk about it instead of going on social media and being like, ‘Well that’s not what you said while we were filming!’ Because that’s what I did and I think that was not good for some of my friendships.”

As for how Tiffany and Crystal linked up to begin with, the Dallas star couldn’t remember who reached out to who first, but the ladies connected immediately once they began chatting via Instagram.

“It was like, ‘Hey, you’re on Housewives and it’s my first season too. Just reaching out to let you know that I’m here to support you,'” Tiffany revealed. “And we talked about being Chinese Americans growing up in America. She has a sister-in-law I believe that’s an anesthesiologist and so she was like I totally get your doctor life and being on call.”

Though they’ve mostly communicated through social media and over the phone, the freshmen Housewives did make it a point to meet up recently while Tiffany was in Los Angeles.

“She was like we have to go out. We have to have a double date,” Tiffany recalled of their conversation prior to their night out at L.A. hotspot Craig’s. “She’s my new Bravo bestie.”

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