RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Talks Run-In With Lisa Vanderpump, Slams Her as “Childish” and Accuses Her of Trying to Control the Narrative, Plus She Teases Upcoming Drama

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RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Talks Run-In With Lisa Vanderpump, Slams Her as "Childish" and Accuses Her of Trying to Control the Narrative, Plus She Teases Upcoming Drama

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Dorit Kemsley recently crossed paths with Lisa Vanderpump at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

While appearing on Teddi Mellencamp‘s podcast earlier this week, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member revealed what happened during the outing before slamming her former cast mate as childish and looking back at what she once believed was a genuine friendship.

“We did not say a word to one another. [Lisa] knew I was there. I knew she was there. We never made eye contact, we never went up to one another,” Dorit revealed on the June 7 episode of Teddi Tea Pod.

According to Dorit, she didn’t plan to go up to Lisa because Lisa has made it known that she has no interest in rekindling their past friendship.

“She’s made her position very, very clear, and that’s been outside of publicly how she talks about us, even intimately to our friends, how she feels about [Paul “PK” Kemsley] and I and how she’s really not interested in a friendship. And that’s all I need to know,” Dorit explained. “I would have loved for us to have been able to find a way to rekindle a friendship or to move past any animosity. I would have done that with Lisa. But it’s not what she wants.”

Although Dorit was willing to let bygones be bygones, she was put off by Lisa’s recent antics against the RHOBH cast, which included scribbling over their faces on a photo of them given to her by a fan.

“The thing that I find particularly childish is that with this paparazzi shot when she Xed out all of our faces, she thinks it’s humorous, like sending the bill to the producer and leaving and saying, ‘Buy me dinner,’” Dorit stated. “These are very humorous to her… [But] they’re not so funny, and it’s very childish.”

While Lisa left RHOBH in June 2019, Dorit believes she “obviously [hasn’t] let go” and is “still holding on to something.”

“When I hear these things that she says to friends of ours about us, I laugh. It’s still burning a hole inside of her,” Dorit explained.

Dorit also wondered what apology Lisa is waiting for as Teddi pointed out that the cast has “done all” the apologizing they can.

“I think with Lisa, if she doesn’t have control over a person or a friendship or a relationship or the narrative, it doesn’t work for her,” Dorit suspected.

“And that’s what ultimately ended up happening with the dog situation,” Teddi agreed. “She thought she had the narrative 100 percent, and then she lost control of the situation because I went off her script and told Dorit, and then all the sudden she was furious because she was found out.”

Dorit went on to say that while she’s not interested in anything Lisa says or does, she doesn’t appreciate when certain situations are “twisted” and realizes that the “great friendship” she thought she had with Lisa never actually existed.

“PK and I would have dinner with Lisa and Ken at least once a month. We had a lot of laughs together. I really felt like she was my friend. I felt like we had a genuine friendship and then when I realized that the friendship really wasn’t what I thought it was, I just thought, ‘I don’t need this friendship,’” Dorit recalled. “But for the sake of [our mutual friends] and we were on the show together at the time, I apologized to her. I asked her to move on.”

According to Dorit, Lisa “thinks [she] did something to her” but she has no idea what that something could be. And, instead of worrying about it, she’s happily moving on.

“I’m free of some toxic energy that I really don’t need in my life,” she noted.

Also, during her appearance on Teddi Tea Pod, Dorit teased the drama that is to come on the remaining episodes of season 11.

“There was somebody this year that treated me very different than they did last year, and there was definitely a moment where I felt like I had to defend myself. There was a shift,” she shared.

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