Thomas Girardi’s Current Income is Revealed as Longtime Secretary is Ordered to Bring His Financial Records to Court Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Thomas Girardi's Current Income Revealed as Longtime Secretary is Ordered to Bring His Financial Records to Court Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings

Thomas Girardi once claimed to have $80 million to his name but these days, he is bringing in just a small fraction of what he once had as his current income is revealed.

In new court documents, the current income of Thomas, who is in the midst of an involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, is revealed as his longtime secretary, Sharleen Fujimoto, is called to court and ordered to share his financial records.

On June 14, Radar Online revealed details from the documents, which said that the trustee assigned to Thomas’ bankruptcy case believes Sharleen handled his finances and was “and may still be in possession of certain financial documents of” his.

It was also noted that the trustee feels that Thomas’ secretary can lend knowledge to help him better understand Thomas’ financial records.

“In light of Debtor’s purported inability to act competently and his poor mental capacity, the Trustee requires Ms. Fujimoto’s assistance in analyzing and interpreting various financial documents which the Trustee has obtained concerning the Debtor’s assets and liabilities,” the trustee wrote, adding that Thomas is making just $2,958 per month currently.

Following the filing of the trustee’s motion, the judge assigned to the case granted the request and ordered Sharleen to appear with Thomas’ financial records.

As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans may know, Thomas was placed under the court-ordered conservatorship of his brother, Thomas Girardi, in February of this year due to his alleged medical issues, which include an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Then, earlier this month, during his first court appearance, he said he wanted out.

In recent months, creditors have accused Thomas of owing tens of millions of dollars, and former clients of his have claimed he owes them $25 million in settlement funds.

According to bankruptcy documents, Thomas has $74 million in assets, including a $13 million home in Pasadena and $1.1 million property in La Quinta, and $56 million in liabilities, including a $51 million loan owed to his law firm, Girardi Keese.

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