Naomie Olindo Talks “Pivotal Moment” After Breakup From Metul Shah, Reflects on Southern Charm Experience, and Reveals What She’s Thankful For

by Lindsay Cronin
Naomie Olindo Talks "Pivotal Moment" After Metul Shah Split, Reflects on Southern Charm Experience, and Reveals What She's Thankful For

Credit: Instagram/NaomieOlindo

Naomie Olindo is at a crossroads after becoming newly single.

Following a split from longtime boyfriend Metul Shah last month amid allegations of infidelity, the Southern Charm alum admitted she’s not sure what her future holds before looking back at her time with Bravo and sharing what she took away from the series.

“I’m at a very pivotal moment where I’m trying to figure it out,” Naomie told host Sarah Frick on the August 2 episode of the Are You for Real? podcast. “This is the first time in my life that I haven’t known exactly what my next step is. Like, what is my one year plan? What is my three year, what’s my five year?”

In May, Naomie confirmed plans to move to New York City with Metul, an anesthesiologist, after three years of dating. However, just two months later, she shared news of their split while mentioning a “betrayal.”

“I just went through a breakup. I was supposed to be moving and now I’m back here. So my plans have changed and I have no idea honestly what I’m doing or when or where or why,” Naomie continued. “I don’t know right now, but maybe next week I’ll know. Maybe next month I’ll know. I’m just trying to stay true to myself and figure it out.”

While Naomie, who previously dated Southern Charm cast member Craig Conover, may not know what her next move will be, it will certainly be toward something that makes her happy.

“Towards the end of 2019, I lost my dad to cancer. So maybe that experience made me think about, ‘What truly makes you happy? What do you want out of life?’ [And what] really makes me happy is helping people, helping animals, and human connection,” she explained. “I think realizing that… has given me a lot of peace in different things.”

Looking back on her time on Southern Charm, Naomie said that while she “had a blast doing it,” she decided to quit the series in 2020 after it was no longer fun.

“I think I left after a few years when I stopped having fun and you just kind of have to do what you feel is right but it was a blast. It was a wild ride for sure,” she admitted, adding that the experience “definitely gave me a much thicker skin.”

As for what she is thankful for, Naomie said she’s grateful she was able to establish such a following during her days on the show.

“That’s what helped me build my current business and that’s what has helped me do a lot of things. So that I’m very thankful for,” she stated.