Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo Discusses Split From Metul Shah Amid Cheating Allegations, Opens Up About His “Betrayal”

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Southern Charm's Naomie Olindo Confirms Split From Metul Shah Amid Cheating Rumors, Opens Up About His "Betrayal"

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Naomie Olindo and Metul Shah have split just weeks after moving to New York City together.

Following about three years of dating, the former Southern Charm cast member, who left the show after season six, has confirmed the breakup and shared a heartbreaking statement in regard to the “betrayal” she experienced.

“Naomie and Metul are no longer together,” Naomie’s agent, Paul Desisto, told PEOPLE on July 12. “She is back in Charleston and plans to stay there for the time being.”

According to the report, Naomie, who previously dated Craig Conover, revealed she was leaving Charleston and heading to New York City with her boyfriend in May. Then, the following month, the couple enjoyed a weeklong vacation to Antigua and Barbuda.

Following the seemingly romantic getaway, Naomie, 28, and Metul, 30, officially moved into their temporary apartment in the Big Apple.

“Hi! We live in New York now,” Naomie wrote via Instagram on July 1. “Highlight from the last week: living in a beautiful and comfy [Blue Ground Homes apartment] until we find a permanent place. Lowlight: riding the subway all the way down the wrong line, twice.”

One week later, Naomie sparked rumors of a split when she deleted the majority of her photos with Metul and flew back to Charleston.

Then, in a statement shared to her Instagram Story on Monday night, Naomie confirmed she was betrayed by Metul and mentioned a series of messages she had come across.

“Nothing will be worse than losing my dad but this is a close second. Betrayal is never easy for anyone and I’m just so sorry to anyone else that has stumbled across those terrible messages,” she wrote, along with a photo of herself and her cat. “I’m absolutely positive I will regret posting this tomorrow but so many of you have reached out saying you’re feeling a similar pain. I’m so so sorry.”

Southern Charm Naomie Olindo Speaks of Split From Metul Shah

Amid news of Naomie and Metul‘s split, more information began surfacing in regard to Metul’s alleged infidelity.

According to one report posted by Deux Moi and re-shared by Best of Bravo, Metul was “cheating with his ex.”

In a screenshot shared of a text message exchange, it was noted that Metul and the mystery woman “had started talking again” a while back and that he had sent a number of “vile” messages to her.

According to a second screenshot shared by Bravo and Cocktails on Instagram, it was suggested that Metul and the now-ex-fiancé of Naomie’s best friend, a man named Scott, both cheated.

“You and Scott, biggest tools around,” someone wrote in a comment sent to Metul.

Southern Charm Naomie Olindo's Boyfriend Metul Shah Accused of Cheating With Ex

Southern Charm season eight is expected to air on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.