Denise Richards’ Daughter Sami Sheen Moves Out and Drops Out of School After Claiming She Was “Trapped” in “Abusive Household,” Allegedly Living With Dad Charlie Sheen

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Denise Richards' Daughter Sam Says She Was "Trapped" in "Abusive Household" Before Dropping Out of School and Allegedly Moving in With Dad Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s 17-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen, opened up about her mental health in a video recently shared to her TikTok page and shocked fans with comments about an “abusive household.”

Over a year after Denise, 50, was seen telling her hairdresser on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Sami had done over-the-top things to get a reaction out of her, Sami posted a TikTok in which she claimed to be “insanely depressed” before allegedly moving in with her dad.

“1 year ago today: trapped in an abusive household, hated myself, would go days without eating or sleeping, insanely depressed, hated school, etc…” Sami explained, along with a photo of herself looking glum.

Then, with a happy video clip, Sami revealed she was happier after moving out and dropping out of school.

“Now: finally moved out of the hell house, had a spiritual awakening, own 2 cats, happy single, full of self love, and dropped out of high school,” she wrote.

RHOBH Sam Sheen Opens Up About Mental Health on TikTok

Although Sami did not say which parent she was living with, Charlie, 56, seemingly confirmed she was with him in a statement to Page Six, via his rep.

“Sam’s amazing. I love her and all my children unconditionally. We’re having a ball. GED here we come!” he proclaimed.

Meanwhile, an insider close to the ex-RHOBH cast member told the outlet Sami’s allegations were nothing more than teenage angst.

“Denise set normal rules that any parent would be setting,” the source said. “She’s a mom and a parent and there are rules. She didn’t want to follow the rules. Charlie didn’t support implementing Denise’s rules. He has a different way of parenting and Sami decided to live with her dad.”

“Denise loves her daughter very much and she’s saddened by the situation,” the insider added.

Back in July, Sami had made another social media video in which she claimed her mom, who married Aaron Phypers in September 2018, tried to kick her out.

Denise and Charlie were married from 2002 until 2006 and share two daughters, including Sami and Lola, 16.

“A lot of people have an impression of me being wild and crazy,” Denise said in a May 2020 episode of her marriage to Charlie. “But Charlie was sober when we got married so we were not this swinging couple like people might assume. We weren’t. When I got pregnant with Lola, things started to change rapidly. It was a very dark time. Very toxic. And I filed for divorce when I was six months pregnant with her.”

Then, in an April 2020 episode, Denise admitted to keeping some of Charlie’s past behavior from the girls.

“I never talk badly about him and I want him to be part of their lives because I met a lot of the women that Charlie entertained and a lot of them had father-daughter issues. And I do not want that to be our girls,” she shared.

Denise is also mom to 10-year-old Eloise, who she adopted after their split.