Danielle Staub Sued for $6,400 in Unpaid Rent on Luxury Condo Two Years After RHONJ Exit

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHONJ Alum Danielle Staub Sued for $6,400 in Unpaid Rent, Accused of Squatting at Two-Bedroom Luxury Condo as Trial Date LoomsDanielle Staub is being accused of failing to pay rent for her two-bedroom luxury condo in New Jersey.

Nearly two years after confirming her exit from The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast, Danielle’s landlord has sued her for $6,400, claiming the former reality star failed to pay rent for the months of August and September and noting that she is still living in the 1,600-square-foot condo.

In court papers filed on September 15 obtained by The Sun, who asked, “Squatting Staub?,” it was revealed that Danielle skipped out on two of her $3,100 monthly rent payments and accrued a $200 late fee for doing so.

It was also noted that if the case goes to trial on or after October 1, Danielle will be forced to pay $9,500 to have it dismissed.

Since December 2020, Danielle and her daughter, Jillian, have been living at the North Bergen home, which is believed to be of similar value to properties nearby, which are valued at $899,000. The home boasts stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and Hudson River.

Just two days ago, Danielle seemingly confirmed her presence at the property when she shared a photo of herself inside.

Danielle also reportedly had a very odd conversation with her landlord after she was approached about the late payments.

“When the landlord enquired about rent payments or setting up a payment plan, she suggested that ‘if they have hard time paying our bills for the property they should apply for a government loan,'” a source close to the owner of the property revealed. “I can imagine it is less than pleasant to see her showing off while knowing she’s not paying her bills.”

As the insider explained, Danielle has continued to flaunt her pricy lifestyle despite the late payments. She’s rocked Chanel earrings and a Burberry coat in recent Instagram photos and even promoted her plastic surgery procedures.

As RHONJ fans may recall, Danielle appeared to be experiencing financial trouble in the months that followed her former husband Marty Caffrey‘s divorce filing in 2018. At the time, she was forced to either purchase the $2.15 million home they previously shared or move out of the property.

Over a year later, on June 20, 2020, Danielle was informed that if she did not vacate the home, she would be forcibly removed by police. In turn, Danielle attempted to stay in the home by telling a judge she would be “homeless” if she was thrown out.