Southern Charm’s Craig Conover On Why He Refuses to Watch Summer House, Explains How Paige DeSorbo Ruined His “Favorite Show”

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Southern Charm's Craig Conover Reveals Why He Refuses to Watch Summer House and Explains How Paige DeSorbo Ruined His "Favorite Show"

Craig Conover may be a Bravo star, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to tune into all of the network’s shows. In fact, there’s one that he refuses to watch.

During the latest episode of his and Austen Kroll‘s podcast, the Southern Charm cast member opened up about the reason behind his refusal to watch Summer House before sharing how girlfriend Paige DeSorbo ruined his “favorite show” and discussing his future engagement ring.

“I get real jealous of Paige. Because of the life we live,” Craig admitted on the December 20 episode of Pillows and Beer, via Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“Craig can’t watch a TV show anymore,” Paige explained.

“I won’t watch Summer House,” Craig confirmed.

Although Craig said he isn’t the jealous type, seeing Paige, who he went public with on Instagram in October, with other men on Summer House isn’t something he’s willing to do. And, according to Paige, there’s also another show he’s opposed to watching due to her past dating relationship with one of its stars.

“Oh I wasn’t talking about reality TV,” she clarified.

“Yeah, she dated someone from my f****** favorite show! And I was like, ‘Wait what? Why did you tell me that?’” Craig recalled.

While the couple didn’t confirm who it was that Paige had dated, nor the show the unnamed actor starred in, online rumors suggest Paige once went out with Ryan Eggold of New Amsterdam.

“I will say in our case there was a period because you and I did not put a label on things for so long. But I was a little anxious about stuff. And so I would be able to watch those shows again now maybe,” Craig explained. “I still don’t like seeing them on a commercial.”

As for what happened with Paige’s relationship with the actor, she admitted that she “did like him” but noted she was ultimately ghosted.

During another conversation on the podcast, after Paige revealed she has her own bathroom at Craig’s home and leaves her clothes at his house, she said she would never leave special rings from family members.

“They should be put in a safe. You should have a copy of it made, that looks identical in like cubic zirconia. And wear that. Because I’ve lost so many sentimental, valuable things in my life,” Craig said of Paige’s concern about potentially losing an heirloom.

Craig then said that he feels the same way about engagement rings and noted that he would rather have a tattoo than an actual ring.

“I would tattoo it because I lose so many f****** things,” he stated.

But Paige didn’t love the idea and pointed out that a ring tattoo is “supposed to be bad luck.”

Summer House season six premieres on January 17 at 9/8c on Bravo and Southern Charm season eight is expected to make its debut soon after.

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo