RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow Slams Mary as “Indefensible” and Shades Meredith as “Hypocritical” for Turning Blind Eye to Inappropriate Comments as Meredith Speaks, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOSLC's Lisa Barlow Slams Mary as "Indefensible" and Shades Meredith as "Completely Hypocritical" for Turning a Blind Eye to Her Inappropriate CommentsLisa Barlow can’t believe Meredith Marks has continued to have Mary Cosby‘s back, even after her shocking comment regarding Jennie Nguyen‘s “slanted eyes” and her statement about Mexicans being thugs.

Following last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Lisa threw some shade at Meredith, saying it was “completely hypocritical” for her to ignore both the way Mary was treating her, and the inappropriate things Mary had said.

“Meredith is watching Mary quip at me, be rude to me, and is protecting Mary. And that’s Meredith’s choice, but I’m like, ‘I’m your friend too Meredith.’ And I’ve had Meredith’s back,” Lisa shared on the January 3 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show.

As Lisa pointed out, she went out of her way to encourage peace between Meredith and Jen Shah amid their drama. And, after doing so, Meredith was quite thankful to her, saying she could finally sleep again. Meanwhile, amid Lisa’s drama with Mary, Meredith did no such thing for her.

“I just felt like Meredith was treating me badly to protect Mary,” Lisa suspected. “Mary’s behavior is indefensible. How can you keep defending it?”

Looking back at the night of Lisa and Mary’s chat, during which Mary slammed Lisa as “two-faced,” Meredith said she was “so irritated” and just wanted the night to end.

“I felt all this tension going on with Lisa. I felt like everything at that point between her and I was just ending in a fight… I wanted to be done,” she explained.

But Lisa didn’t appreciate her silence in regard to the racial drama.

“Do I love Meredith? Yes. Did I agree with her in that situation? Two thousand percent no,” Lisa admitted. “Mary made inappropriate comments to Jennie and she made an inappropriate comment about Jen to me and literally insulted a culture. This is the time to address it. Let’s not bring it up in a week from now or tomorrow and then Meredith, it’s like you’re defending this person’s negative behavior over and over again and turning a blind eye to it but then in the same breath she’s saying ‘I can’t be a friend to Jen but you all should be.’”

“I thought it was completely hypocritical of Meredith to do that,” Lisa added.

Regarding her statements about Jen Shah needing friends amid her legal drama, Meredith said she felt that a lot of Jen’s supposed friends weren’t having her back when she wasn’t around.

“To me, from an outsiders’s perspective, it felt like there was a lot of ‘I’m Jen’s friends to her face and not when she walks away and not true support’ at least from some of the women,” Meredith said. “[And] I do believe she needs friends.”

While some assumed she was referring to Lisa not stepping up to support Jen through her hardships, Meredith said she wasn’t ready to name names.

“I don’t understand Jen and Lisa’s friendship so I’m not going to speak on it one way or the other. I was speaking about an overriding feeling, in general, relating to the dynamics with Jen,” she clarified.

But it seemed clear to Lisa who should have stepped up for Jen.

“It just takes me back to the pho luncheon. Who didn’t show up for Jen? The person that didn’t show up for Jen is Mary. Meredith should have been directing that comment to Mary. Not to any of us,” she noted.

Also on the RHOSLC: After Show, Heather Gay suggested that while she understood where Meredith was coming from in regard to her not wanting to be involved in the drama, she also felt that her comment about Jen needing friends was a “warning shot” to Lisa.

“Like, ‘Hey sis, remember when you sacrificed our sister-like relationship of decades to cultivate a relationship with Jen? Now’s the time you need to answer to what you’ve done,’” Heather explained. “I took it as kind of a little message to Lisa that she better show up for Jen right now. Like, you don’t get to jump ship with me because I drew my line in the sand a long time ago but you chose to kind of hurt me in order to befriend Jen so if you befriended Jen, be a friend.”

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