RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Shares What Made Her Get Physical With Lisa Barlow and Shades Her “Fake” Friendship With Meredith Marks

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RHOSLC's Jen Shah Reveals What Prompted Her to Get Physical With "Hypocritical" Lisa Barlow and Shades Her "Fake" Friendship With Meredith Marks

Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow came to blows during a bus trip on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and after the show, they looked back on the drama that went down between them.

As Kevin (the same driver that was behind the wheel when Jen was arrested) drove the ladies to their Mother’s Day getaway destination in Zion, Jen lashed out at Lisa for failing to pick a side and have her back against Meredith Marks, who Jen believes hired a private investigator in an effort to slander her name.

“I thought we were having a great time. We were joking when we took off… but it quickly turned into, literally, like The Shining,” Lisa recalled on the January 9 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show. “At first, I was like, ‘She’s kidding,’ and then I’m like, ‘Oh no, she’s serious. Jen has a real issue right now.’ And I thought it was going to turn into something physical.”

According to Jen, she got onto the bus with information given to her by her castmates in regard to who may have called the feds and tipped them off about her appearance at Beauty Lab, where she was ultimately taken into custody.

“[Heather Gay] has told me about Meredith saying she has some involvement with calling the feds. So when we’re on the bus, [Jennie Nguyen] has told me that she hired a private investigator. On the bus, too, she said they lied about having the memorial,” Jen explained. “And Lisa’s just sitting there.”

Because she and Lisa are friends, Jen expected Lisa to speak up, at least in an effort to clarify that Meredith was wrong in what she potentially did.

“So Lisa, that’s your friend for 20 fake years, or whatever, what is this?” she wondered. “Lisa tries to play this, she’s like, ‘I don’t talk about you to Meredith and I don’t talk to Meredith about you.’ Okay but b-tch, when it’s time to vote, vote. Meaning, you can be friends with whoever but you should have an opinion about what’s right and wrong.”

As Jen confronted Lisa about the behavior of her friend Meredith, Lisa insisted that she wasn’t responsible for anyone else’s behavior. Meanwhile, Jen became further infuriated with Lisa’s refusal to condemn their castmate.

“Tensions were high with me, and emotions, because this is my life,” Jen explained, looking back. “This is a real thing that can affect my family and my livelihood so this is not okay if your friend is going around calling private investigators and calling the feds. So that’s why I looked at Lisa like, ’That’s your girl? You defend her? Then defend her right now. How can you defend this?”

“This is like real-life sh-t and now Lisa wants to be hypocritical and like, turn a blind eye and be like, ‘I’m disengaging and it’s not my problem.’ That’s what pissed me off,” Jen added.

Looking back at the ladies’ encounter in their own segments for the RHOSLC: After Show, Heather admitted that the tense moment was the first time she actually believed Jen and Lisa had a legitimate friendship.

“I saw some actual emotion between the two. It was like, Lisa had to answer for the fact that she was still kind of pretending to be Meredith’s friend but Jen was like, ‘You’re not Meredith’s friend and you better own it right now.’ Lisa was going to fight for her reputation at all costs and the fight just escalated like, immediately,” she shared.

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