Was Jen Shah Fired From RHOSLC Over Statement on Jennie’s Racism Scandal? Calls Out Lisa for Bringing Jennie Into Her Home

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Was Jen Shah Fired From RHOSLC for Addressing Jennie's Racism Scandal? She Calls Out Lisa for Bringing Someone That "Hates Black [People]" to Her Home

Jen Shah seemingly suggested she was fired from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on Instagram after addressing her castmate Jennie Nguyen‘s recently resurfaced Facebook posts.

After Jen shared a post in which she slammed her co-star, saying she was “deeply offended” by Jennie’s mocking of racial injustice and police brutality, as well as Jennie’s “disingenuous apology,” she appeared to confirm she had been fired for addressing the matter publicly.

“Jen are you coming back next season?! I see Bravo is casting for more [RHOSLC] wives,” someone had written in a message to the reality star.

“I was until I posted tonight regarding Jennie’s anti-BLM posts,” Jennie replied.

While it was initially unclear whether or not Jennie had actually sent the message herself, or if the screenshot had been altered, she has since re-shared the interaction on her Instagram Story, along with a message from a fan.

“Y’all can speculate why, But I think she would have done the same thing before her legal trouble. She’s super loyal to her family,” the fan had written.

Also with the post was a GIF of Jen, saying, “I’ve got a problem with racist b-tches.”

In another Instagram Story, Jen shared a screenshot of an article asking if she’s “been fired from RHOSLC for speaking out against Jennie Nguyen.”

However, in her caption, she didn’t speak of her potential exit. Instead, she called out Lisa Barlow.

“Hey [Lisa Barlow] why the f-kkk would you bring someone that hates Black [people] to my home??“ she asked.

RHOSLC Jen Shah Calls Out Lisa Barlow for Bringing Racist Jennie Nguyen to Home

She then re-shared a Tweet from someone who threw shade at Lisa’s recent comments about the situation.

“Lisa Barlow’s heart hurts now but in 2020 when she was Facebook friends with Jennie Nguyen her heart felt she should add this public racist to the cast of RHOSLC,” the person had posted.

Also on her Instagram Story, Jen posted a couple more messages from fans, the first of which included a report that suggested Bravo was “upset” with her message about Jennie because it wasn’t “generic” enough for their liking and specifically mentioned a cast member, unlike the messages shared by Meredith Marks and Whitney Rose.

“She took too hard a stance,” said Anthony Dominic on Twitter. “Her future on the show is in jeopardy.”

“[Jen] is the show she brings a lot to it if they happen to ‘fire her’ just cancel [RHOSLC]. It won’t go good without her look at [RHOC] still not good without [Tamra Judge] and [Vicki Gunvalson],” read an accompanying message.

In the second message, another fan asked Andy Cohen, “What’s going on?,” with a screenshot of Lisa’s message about Jennie’s posts.

“Wait… Isn’t [Lisa Barlow] Jennie’s BFF???” the person asked. “Yeah…Mmm Hmmm… But at least Lisa is consistent.”

Jen Shah Shares Posts About Potential Firing From RHOSLC

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