Mary Cosby Shades RHOSLC Cast as “Cruel,” and Cast Reacts to Lisa’s “Richer” Diss as Lisa Explains

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Mary Cosby Shades RHOSLC Cast as "Cruel," and Cast Reacts to Lisa's "Richer" Diss as Lisa Explains, Plus Live Viewing Thread

Mary Cosby took aim at the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast following Sunday night’s new episode of season two.

After chastising Meredith Marks about when and where her father’s memorial had taken place (which she has since confirmed), members of the cast, including Heather Gay and Lisa Barlow, blamed one another for the speculation as Mary claimed the ladies like to make stuff up.

“The only person that ever questioned when she was having a memorial and [if] there’s possibly any discrepancy about when she had the memorial was Lisa,” Heather shared on the February 7 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show.

According to Heather, Lisa had been leaving bread crumbs for the ladies. And, while they normally ignore them, they ultimately began to wonder why she was questioning her former best friend.

“For Lisa to weaponize it and say that Meredith was lying about it and using it as a cover-up so that she could not be on the party bus was just like, ‘If this is your fight, Lisa, then fight it out. And Meredith, if you want to stop it, say when and where you had the memorial,'” Heather recalled. “Neither one of them would say what they needed to say to resolve it.”

Although Heather felt it was Lisa who prompted the speculation into Meredith’s father’s memorial, Lisa felt it was Heather and Whitney Rose.

“[They] were the ones saying, ‘I think Meredith called the FBI on you.’ And I was so confused,” Lisa explained. “They had obviously all had conversations that I wasn’t a part of. And then your brain starts putting things together and you’re like, ’This isn’t making sense.’”

As for Mary, she was put off by her co-stars’ behavior, slamming it as “nasty” and suggesting it was sparked by jealousy.

“They like to get in their little group and start making stuff up and just digging in Meredith’s life, and trying to come up with their own reasoning why Meredith was not on the bus to me was cruel, very cruel,” she stated.

Mary then addressed the moment in which Lisa declared that she is “richer” than the rest of the women of RHOSLC — and that she didn’t need to be on the cast trip.

“Lisa’s on the floor kicking, screaming like she’s five. She’s throwing a tantrum. Like, get up,” Mary recalled. “She’s like, ‘F Meredith. I have more money than Meredith.’ When you start counting people’s money, you start comparing yourself, then I know you’re childish… I find that [to be] an insecurity. Grow up Lisa. She’s mean. She’s mean-natured.”

Jen Shah reflected on the moment as well, wondering, “Who says that?,” as Heather claimed Lisa is actually not the richest cast member of the show and Whitney shaded the “mean girl petty sh-t.”

Meanwhile, Lisa made it clear that she had no regrets about the statement.

“The whole point in saying that is, I don’t need to be here. I have a good life. I worked really hard for my life. I can leave here and I can never be a part of this again and I’m good. I’m done,” Lisa explained. “It wasn’t to insult anyone. I’ve worked hard and at this point, I’d had enough. I’m like, ‘This is abusive.’ I literally hit my boiling point.”

Also on the RHOSLC: After Show, Heather targeted Lisa for her phony antics with their co-stars.

“Now Lisa, when you call us your sister, ‘I love you like a sister.’ She said that to me, she said that to Meredith, she said that to Jen, she said that to Angie and the truth is, she stole her husband from her sister. So we know how she treats her sisters,” Heather said, thanking Lisa for finally “showing up as who [she] really [is].”

There’s no new episode of RHOSLC tonight due to the Super Bowl but the series returns next Sunday on Bravo at 9/8c.