RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Reacts to Mary’s “Inbred” Diss to Heather and Lisa’s “Hot Mic” Moment, Plus Hurt by Meredith’s Dad Analogy, and Talks Jen’s Loyalty

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose on Meredith's Dad Analogy, Mary's "Inbred" Diss to Heather, and Lisa's "Hot Mic" Moment, Plus Reacts to Lisa Barlow's "Richer" Declaration

Whitney Rose was a featured guest on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, and during the appearance, she reacted to Meredith Marks‘ mention of her addiction-plagued father.

After Meredith mentioned how Whitney’s dad was off-limits after facing questions about her own father’s memorial, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member admitted the comment was hurtful before reacting to Mary Cosby’s “inbred” diss to Heather Gay and Lisa Barlow‘s proclamation of being “richer” than the rest of the cast.

“Analogies don’t work very well. I was, in the moment, very hurt,”  Whitney admitted on the February 6 episode of WWHL. “[And Mary] was happy that I got hurt. It was weird.”

Whitney was also put off by Mary’s distasteful comment to Heather.

“That hurt my heart. That was so rude,” she said of Mary suggesting Heather looked “inbred.”

As for Lisa’s “hot mic” moment, Whitney wondered if it was truly a “hot mic,” noting that there was a producer in the room. Then, when host Andy Cohen asked her, point blank, if she felt Lisa wanted the cheating allegations she made against Meredith to air on the show, Whitney confirmed she did.

“I do. I think she lost her cool but I think at some level, she’s obviously been thinking that for a very long time and it finally came out,” Whitney explained.

Andy then asked Whitney for her thoughts on Lisa’s comment about having more money than the other women on the show.

“That was so funny. When I watch that back, I still laugh out loud. Because that’s not something I ever think about with all of us. So good for her,” Whitney replied.

Going into the taping for the RHOSLC reunion, Whitney admitted that she felt there was a “50-50 chance” Mary would show up and said she was disappointed when she didn’t.

“I feel like the only side of the story we haven’t gotten is Mary’s,” Whitney stated. “A lot of my questions went unanswered because Mary didn’t show up.”

During a game about the loyalty of the RHOSLC cast, Whitney was asked to rate Jen Shah‘s loyalty on a scale of one to 10.

“I’m going to get in so much trouble, Andy, but she’s probably a five,” Whitney stated.

Seated in the audience during the broadcast was Whitney’s husband, Justin Rose, who was questioned about his thoughts on Seth Marks‘ comments regarding his wife’s breasts.

“You really have to know Seth,” Justin said. “It’s funny. But as Whitney said, after the first couple of times, it was like, ‘Okay, wait a second.’ But knowing Seth, it was in good fun and in good taste.”

Following the taping of the reunion special, the cast was shamed for their dress choices. But according to Whitney, she shouldn’t have to defend her look.

“I felt hot, sexy, I felt good. Why should I care what anyone else thinks?” she wondered.

Later on, during the WWHL: After Show, Whitney was questioned about Lisa and Heather’s friendship.

“I think that their relationship is genuine. We really bonded over a lot of traumatic drama,” she explained.

She also spoke of her business, which has been the target of questions in recent months.

“I’m sold out of two of the products. Can we put that behind us? My business is thriving. My products are amazing. I’m so grateful for all the questions,” she shared. “It’s not angry. It’s more of a ‘I am woman hear me roar’ feeling.”

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