REPORT: Pump Rules’ Lala Kent Fighting for Full Custody of Ocean Amid Randall Cheating Drama, “Regrets” Exposing His Alleged Affair With 23-Yr-Old

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REPORT: Pump Rules' Lala Kent is Fighting for Full Custody of Ocean Amid Randall Cheating Drama, "Regrets" Exposing His Alleged Affair With 23-Yr-Old

Lala Kent is reportedly fighting for full custody of her 11-month-old daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett.

Just days after the Vanderpump Rules cast member took to Instagram to call out her former fiancé, Randall Emmett, for allegedly cheating on her with a 23-year-old while she was pregnant with the child and for continuing that relationship after Ocean’s birth, a source is sharing Lala’s plans and confirming she “regrets” her recent Instagram post.

“Lala regrets posting that,” the insider told The Sun on March 4. “Her lawyers have been giving her advice on how to retain full custody of Ocean… And she’s been doing the opposite by getting social media involved.”

In Lala’s shocking Instagram post, which came in response to a message dissing Randall, the reality star, singer, and author said she was “alone during most of [her] pregnancy” and “for the first [seven] months of [Ocean’s] life.”

She then gave a nod to the October 2021 incident in which Randall’s “mask fell” and she learned “who he really was.” It was at this time that a series of posts featuring Randall with a couple of women in Nashville began to circulate on social media. But according to Lala, Randall’s alleged infidelity began months prior.

“He started a relationship with a 23-year-old in March of 2021 – the month I gave birth,” Lala claimed. “They ‘traveled’ together while I was home with Ocean and working on my brand. I thought he was working because that’s what he said he was doing. After the pictures surfaced I tried to leave the home to gain clarity and avoid a toxic environment for my daughter – but anytime I did he threatened to call the police if I didn’t return Ocean to the home.”

Eventually, Lala said Randall regained the feeling of control and she was able to get out of the home. And once she did, she said Randall’s “new 23-year-old girlfriend” moved in.

“[She] was ‘basically living’ in the home two days after I left,” Lala shared.

News of Lala’s reported fight for full custody of Ocean comes over a week after the Pump Rules cast member took to her Instagram Story to reveal how she would speak to her daughter about the many negative stories that have been shared online.

“I worry about a lot of things,” Lala admitted. “But I will explain to my daughter, if she has questions and the time is appropriate, what happened. It will be an open conversation- most importantly an honest conversation. No matter what, I am her mama- which means I will teach her the importance of being a good person. I will send her into the world feeling strong, safe, and loved. She will be unbreakable. The world isn’t ready for the force that my daughter will become.”